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Are You Sensitive? Here’s Why It’s a Superpower and How to Work It

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Sensitivity can be perceived as a weakness or undesirable attribute, especially for working women. However, it's actually a strong, unique, competitive advantage.

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101 Things to Do This Summer Just For the Joy of It

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It’s important to make time for play in order to recharge your batteries and reengage your creative side.

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Spring Cleaning: Letting Go With Gratitude

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There’s something about fresh starts outside that inspire fresh starts inside.

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What My Father’s Death Taught Me About Handling Grief

My dad's recent death allowed me to look at grief differently.

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Have You Found Balance Yet?

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When you’re done, work will still be there, waiting patiently for you to return.

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It’s All in Your Head: The Power of Mindset

The expectations we hold in any given situation reflect an aspect of our more deeply held, often unconscious, mindsets. Learn how to harness the power of mindset to achieve your goals.

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Dwell in the Midst of Infinite Abundance

​Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

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Focus on What is Going Right

How often do you focus on what’s going right in your world? It’s almost as if we are wired not to think this way because we have been conditioned by our negative environment.

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Seven Things Smart People Do to Avoid Passion Burnout

When your passion becomes a "have to" instead of a "want to," the change can feel unnerving.

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You Are the Average of the Five People You Spend Time With

When you have to start to compromise your values and yourself for the people around you, it’s probably time to move on.

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How I (Finally) Escaped the Confidence Trap

My freedom came from an unexpected source: me.

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Mindfulness Makes Bad Days Manageable

Featured on Medium

Having a bad day at work? Here are some top mindfulness tips to skillfully manage those days that you wish were over, or hadn't even started.

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