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Intentional Acts of Kindness: Practicing Throughout Your Career

Featured on Medium

Practice self-kindness and then spread the gift to others in your professional sphere. If love is what makes the world go round, then kindness is the propellant!

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The Resilient Mind

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How to develop resilience so you can thrive and not just survive, both personally and professionally.

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Look Within to Conquer the Need for "More"

Featured on Forbes

No amount of doing "more" will give you what you truly crave. Neither will accumulating more things in your closet or reading another book full of information without applying any of it in real life.

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Back to Work: Five Tips to Overcome the Post-Holiday Office Blues

Featured on Forbes

Heading back to work after summer holidays can lead to the blues, causing low energy and overall unhappiness. Use these five tips to overcome this feeling and take the opportunity to grow.

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How to Thrive at Work as a Sensitive Person

Featured on Forbes

Being sensitive can feel like riding an emotional rollercoaster through life. Here's how you can distance yourself from negative remarks and criticism and take charge of your growth and wellbeing.

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Is Your Workplace Toxic? Nine Things to Consider

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More than 90% of workers encounter a toxic workplace at some point. To help you decide what path you should take, here are some questions to consider.

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How to Take Back Control of Your Life for a Happy Career and Balanced Lifestyle

Featured on Forbes

If you want control of your life, then you need to let go of all the things you've been trying to control and instead take control of your mentality.

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Are You Sensitive? Here’s Why It’s a Superpower and How to Work It

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Sensitivity can be perceived as a weakness or undesirable attribute, especially for working women. However, it's actually a strong, unique, competitive advantage.

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101 Things to Do This Summer Just For the Joy of It

Featured on Medium

It’s important to make time for play in order to recharge your batteries and reengage your creative side.

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Spring Cleaning: Letting Go With Gratitude

Featured on Medium

There’s something about fresh starts outside that inspire fresh starts inside.

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What My Father’s Death Taught Me About Handling Grief

My dad's recent death allowed me to look at grief differently.

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Have You Found Balance Yet?

Featured on Medium

When you’re done, work will still be there, waiting patiently for you to return.

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