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Ellevate Stories

Tackling Career Challenges with Your Squad: Sarah Chrobak

Taking risks, tackling career challenges, and managing work-life balance is a tricky equation to balance. Your Squad can help you expand your professional network in just 12 weeks!

Ellevate Stories

Advice for Squad Mods: Stephanie Lewis

What does it take to be a great Squad Mod? Stephanie shares some tips and tricks she learned from the Fall 2018 Squads program.

Inside Ellevate Blog

2018 Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Fabulous Gifts By Women, For Women

If you're looking for something fun, practical, or even a little rebellious for the fabulous working women in your life this holiday season, Ellevate Network's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide has you covered!

Everything You Are Going Through is Just Preparation

You are the creator of your own reality. No one else can create your life for you. It’s yours to do all on your own.

What Becomes Possible When You Get Rid of "Should?"

Break the cycle of making decisions based on what you “should” do.

​How to Survive the Reinvention of Yourself

Featured on Medium

Reinvention is hailed as a 21st century skill, yet few of us know how to prepare for and survive it.

Women Make the World Go Around: Top 15 Influential Ladies in DC

Featured on Medium

Women in business are taking DC by storm. We're running the show and it's all thanks to our own unstoppable attitudes.

100 Days of Meditation Can Help Your Career

Featured on Medium

Facing serious burnout in my career, I took on a 100-day challenge to meditate every day to get more clarity and be less overwhelmed.

Don't Talk the Talk If You Won't Walk the Walk

Featured on Medium

There is nothing worse at work than a leader who talks about supporting their people but won’t put their words into action. Male or female, it's equally bad.

12 Reasons I’m Hopeful About Women at Work

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Lean In and McKinsey that showed that, despite all the leaning we all did, there’s been no advancement of women in business. None, nada, nothing.

What is "The What?"

Featured on Medium

Inspired by Dave Eggers's book, I embarked on a "What is the what?" exercise for myself, doing some soul searching and challenging my own assumptions about how I make choices in life.

What's Really Weighing You Down and Keeping You Stuck?

What's weighing you down and keeping you from moving forward in your career?

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