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I'm Done Competing With Other Women

​So I didn’t know there was such a thing as a National Best Friends Day. But there is, and it was last Saturday.

Cocktails and conversations she started it kick off 33285906245 o Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Mobilize Women 2019: Making Your Community Work for You

​Mobilize Women is more than a day, it’s a movement. Our annual celebration of diversity, leadership, and equality is just days away, and it’s not too late to get in on the action.

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Interested in Supporting Your Women Employees? Send Them to a Women’s Conference

The career-boosting effects of women's conferences are proven, and they may be the best way to support your women employees.

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Great Leaders Rely on Intuition For Their Most Important Decisions

Featured on Medium

Intuition supercharges your career from smarter decision-making to more persuasive communication.

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The Advice I Wish I’d Had as a Grad

It’s that time of year again. Graduation. And so we’re hearing a lot of: “Commencement doesn’t mean ‘ending;’ it means ‘beginning.’” “Find your passion.” “You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

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This Likability Thing Goes Deep

If you’re having a moment this week (and aren’t we all?) and want to imagine a different world, think about how different our world might be:

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Five Ways to Manage Burnout in a Digital Career

Featured on Forbes

Women with careers in digital may find themselves coping with burnout from the fast-paced industry demands. Learn five ways to help manage burnout as a digital professional.

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Sink or Swim: The Importance of Mentors

Featured on Medium

In this blog/article, I talk about the importance of taking risk and how mentors can play an important role using a swimming analogy from my childhood.

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It’s All in Your Head: The Power of Mindset

The expectations we hold in any given situation reflect an aspect of our more deeply held, often unconscious, mindsets. Learn how to harness the power of mindset to achieve your goals.

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Empathetic Leadership and its Path to the Power Table

Featured on Medium

How women are redefining perceptions of power.

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Just buy the f***ing latte

It’s springtime and it’s shaping up to be the season of patronizing financial advice . . . oddly, involving coffee.

Sallie krawcheck

Embracing Your Own Power: What I Learned from Sallie Krawcheck, Gloria Feldt, and more

Join Ellevate CEO Kristy Wallace as she recaps her lessons learned while traveling, speaking, and meeting some of the most influential change makers in her work toward a more equal world.

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