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Managing Unrealistic Goals at Work

Featured on Medium

Are you tearing your hair out over pie-in-the-sky objectives? Here are some tips on how to manage unrealistic goals at work.

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You Are What You Think

Featured on Medium

Our thoughts determine our perspective on the world, and often our behavior. They can either handicap us or empower us.

13 The Ellevate Podcast

Growing with Vision, with Marina Darlow

On this episode, Marina talks about running an online business, how to trust someone when expanding a business and the transition from large companies to start-ups.

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How I Negotiated For Remote Flexibility

Featured on Medium

In October of last year, my husband got a new job in a different state and I had to reconsider my next career step. Here I share the 5 steps I took to make this happen. Hope this helps you, too!

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Dealing With Seven Common Workplace Stressors

Featured on Medium

Workplace stress heavily impacts both our mental and physical health.

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The One Thing I Hate to Share

Featured on Medium

How we get more time in our days? Setting boundaries.

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5 Ways To Say "No" -- Nicely

Featured on Medium

Women are expected to be so darn nice. How can we say "no" and maintain our nice personas?

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5 Tips to Improve Focus and Get Things Done

Featured on Medium

​Where we place our attention determines what gets done. Managing distractions is key in ensuring we are effective and productive.

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Boundaries = Freedom

Featured on Medium

While it may sound counterintuitive, boundaries can provide a great sense of freedom.

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The Gracious No: A Realist's Guide to Building Space for Yes

Best practices for sustaining focus and protecting your time and energy.

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4 Expert Tips To Reduce Work Hours Without Hurting Your Career

Featured on Forbes

Americans are heavily overworked and our health is suffering as a result. This article shares four tips for how we can work less without hurting our career, our income, and avoid judgment.


Work Sabbatical: Taking a Break from the Job

Featured on Medium

​Have you ever wanted to hit the “pause” button at work – getting away for longer than your allotted vacation time allows? This may be exactly what you need to reignite your career.

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