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Four Ways to Stop Yourself From Being a Micro-Manager

Passionate employees with good intentions could end up crossing over into micro-management once they become managers. Here's how to avoid it.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance

Featured on Medium

It probably isn't what you think.

How to Find Your Voice – When You Feel Like You’ve Lost It

Featured on Medium

I bet there’s a conversation you are avoiding right this minute, one that makes your stomach feel queasy just thinking about it. Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating and go for it.

​Four Ways to Get Unstuck at Work (and in Life)

Featured on Forbes

If challenges spiral you down into negativity, and get you stuck in feedback loops, it may be time to recognize the unhelpful thinking patterns you engage in - and break free of them!

Three Reasons You Should Create a Zero-Based Schedule in 2018

Featured on Medium

We are always chasing time, and there are more effective ways we can use it to our benefit.

Why You Should Ditch Your Side Hustle

Featured on Medium

A side hustle. These days it seems like everyone who's anyone has one, but here are three reasons why you may be better off without it.

Empowered Women and the Future of the Work Economy

Featured on Medium

Women are discontent with the inflexibility of the traditional workforce. In this new era of work, women need to invest in self-formation to make "work" work for them - not the other way around.

Female Coworkers: Allies or Enemies?

Featured on Forbes

Is this generation of professional women kicking the outdated Mean Girl archetype back to 1999? I took a poll.

Your Playbook for Surviving Change at Work

Featured on Medium

Going through my first big change at work was one of my hardest professional experiences, but I got through it. I hope the lessons I learned along the way will help anyone in a similar situation.

Seven Things Bad*ss Professional Women Don't Do

Featured on Medium

There are a number of commonalities among successful women – the things they do to get ahead, as well as what they intentionally don't do.

Nine Ways Successful Group Networking Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

Featured on Forbes

How women entrepreneurs can benefit from group-networking to stave off loneliness and boost their business skills.

How to Illuminate and Blaze Your Trail

Featured on Medium

Life is filled with twists and turns, with no clear path. How you adjust to those twists and turns can be a test of your resilience and sheer will.

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