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Work Sabbatical: Taking a Break from the Job

Featured on Medium

​Have you ever wanted to hit the “pause” button at work – getting away for longer than your allotted vacation time allows? This may be exactly what you need to reignite your career.

High-Performing Professional Women Want More Paid Leave and Greater Flexibility

​Ambitious professional women want it all – the high-powered career and a balanced family life.

Four Ways Meditation Can Multiply Your Business Results

Featured on Forbes

Mindfulness and meditation are gaining momentum in the current zeitgeist. But many of us remain skeptical or just can't find the time. Here's why you really need to jump on the train.

Powerful Professional Women Don't Get Paralyzed By Guilt

Featured on Medium

Powerful professional women know how to unlock their natural talents, set boundaries, and ask for what they want. It sounds straightforward enough, but it isn't easy. What makes it so hard? Guilt.

What You Really Need to Know About Remote Work

There’s a learning curve that goes along with ditching your commute and your boss’s watchful eye over your shoulder.

How to Work From Home: Three Keys to Home-Based Success

Featured on Medium

As someone who’s found their way through trial and error over the last year, here are three critical things to keep in mind in order to make the most of your own work from home opportunities.

Seven Ways to Use the Summer to Advance Your Career

Featured on Medium

With longer days and (often) slower work pace, summer is an opportune time to turn your focus on career goals outside your day-to-day. Here are seven ideas for tapping into the summer for your career.

Four Ways to Stop Yourself From Being a Micro-Manager

Passionate employees with good intentions could end up crossing over into micro-management once they become managers. Here's how to avoid it.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance

Featured on Medium

It probably isn't what you think.

How to Find Your Voice – When You Feel Like You’ve Lost It

Featured on Medium

I bet there’s a conversation you are avoiding right this minute, one that makes your stomach feel queasy just thinking about it. Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating and go for it.

​Four Ways to Get Unstuck at Work (and in Life)

Featured on Forbes

If challenges spiral you down into negativity, and get you stuck in feedback loops, it may be time to recognize the unhelpful thinking patterns you engage in - and break free of them!

Three Reasons You Should Create a Zero-Based Schedule in 2018

Featured on Medium

We are always chasing time, and there are more effective ways we can use it to our benefit.

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