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Five Big Lies That Block Your Progress and How to Conquer Them

There are a few comforting lies that we sometimes tell ourselves that can block our career progress. Recognizing them is the first step to overcoming them and enjoying the success we deserve.

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How to Answer the "Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?" Question

Featured on Forbes

Most people don’t have a clear sense of what five years from now looks like professionally, let alone ten. But, of course, you don’t want to say that.

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Fighting Ageism for Your Mental, Physical, and Financial Health

Featured on Forbes

Ageism in the workplace not only affects our financial health, but also our mental and physical health.

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Is Your Workplace Toxic? Nine Things to Consider

Featured on Medium

More than 90% of workers encounter a toxic workplace at some point. To help you decide what path you should take, here are some questions to consider.

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About to Quit Your Job? Six Smart Things to Do

Featured on Medium

Before your put in your notice and pack up your desk, here's a list of the most important steps to take right before leaving your job.

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Plotting Your Corporate Exit Strategy

Featured on Forbes

If you are thinking about exiting the corporate world, this is a must read. Here, we talk about real and tangible strategies you can implement immediately as you plan your exit.

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Tips for Transitioning from Employee to Consultant

Featured on Forbes

Moving from employee to consultant requires a shift in mindset. Here are some examples of what to expect (and what not to expect) when making the transition from employee to a consultant.

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Navigating Mentorship in an Era of #MeToo

To encourage men to continue to mentor and meet with their women employees in the era of #MeToo, educate employees on sexual harassment, take action, and maintain an anti-harassment culture

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How Long Should You Hold Out for the Dream Job?

Featured on Medium

How long should you hold out for the dream job before moving to plan B? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and your own opinion on this issue can change over time.

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Networking in the Digital Age

Building authentic relationships in the digital age can be challenging, unless, like Ellevate Squads, you combine community and technology to overcome the obstacle of intimacy in our digital world

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What if You Don’t Want to be a Leader?

Featured on Forbes

Leadership has long subscribed to the belief that the best way to reward and keep the keepers is to give them other people to keep watch over. But what if that's not the path for you?

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Five Things I Learned From Applying for 200+ Jobs

Featured on Medium

A new spin on old adages and considerations you may not have considered yet.

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