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An Approach to Responsible Investing

Featured on Forbes

Simple changes to how you invest can make a dramatic impact on both your financial life and the changes you want to see in the world.

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A Single Woman's Seven-Point Financial Manifesto

Featured on Medium

Being single is fun, but has its financial challenges. Especially for ladies, who also face a gender wealth gap. I have a seven-point plan that helps overcome these challenges.

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What’s Your Money Personality? (Umm …)

The internet loves many things. Among them: taking quizzes and patronizing women when it comes to money. (OK, also pictures of cats. But I’m with the internet on that one.)

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What Does Your Tax Style Say About You?

Taxes can be stressful. Here are some tips from a clinical psychologist to help manage stress and make good choices around financial planning!

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How to Get Unstuck in Your Personal Finances

Featured on Forbes

If you feel stuck with your personal finances, chances are that your key to getting on-track lies in one of these five components.

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Peer Pressure Cuts Both Ways – Use it to Your Advantage

The same peer pressure that causes us try to keep up appearances and fit in can work for us to help us lower our consumption. The key is to find the right community.

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One Topic No One Wants to Talk About and Why We Should

Featured on Medium

Finances are one of the few topics that we tend to avoid talking about. Shifting your mindset to abundance can dramatically impact your business.

Equal pay Inside Ellevate Blog

How to Get Paid What You’re Really Worth: An Equal Pay Guide from Ellevate Network

We are committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed in work and in life, so we’re going to be very explicit here and break down exactly how you can ask for and receive the raise.

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