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It's the Tenure

Featured on Medium

The majority of the workforces at top-rated companies for women have been with those companies for less than two years.

The Best Bosses Have These Three Skills

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So much of your energy is wasted in shepherding people that often you as a leader are overstretched in your own work. So, how do you create an engaged team that you don’t have to micromanage?

Everyone is a Leader -- Titles be Damned

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Leadership is a position that many of us aspire to – and a quality that many of us try to gain. Yet, we often wait until we have the title or authority to begin to develop our leadership style.

Great Leaders Develop Others by Coaching

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One of the most important attributes of a successful leader is their ability and commitment to grooming and developing others.

Motivating Talent by Giving Credit in the Workplace

Featured on Forbes

The over-the-top encouragement we give to toddlers can translate to how we motivate staff. Here are my tips for giving credit that results in better, more productive, and more engaged staff.

Inside Ellevate Blog

Announcing Ellevate Network’s Building Inclusive Workplaces Program

Building inclusive workplaces is everyone's responsibility. At Ellevate, we're working with managers and advocates to make workplaces more inclusive, so businesses can do better.

Passionate or Pushy - How to Avoid Going Over the Line

Featured on Forbes

Do you feel misunderstood when others call you pushy? Learn how to avoid going over the line from passionate to pushy.

5 Ways To Build Courage And Competence For Difficult Conversations

Featured on Forbes

Knowing how and when to speak up is hard. It takes courage. But often, when we don't speak up and avoid difficult conversations, we are only holding ourselves back.

You Were Created to Overcome Every Obstacle

Uncertainty, whether on a personal or professional level, can be stressful, and sometimes it’s important to recognize that we need a helping hand.

Young Professionals’ Girl Boss Bootcamp | We’re Prepared for Public Speaking! Event Recap

Featured on Medium

With practice and preparation, we’re ready to rock our presentations! Last week’s Girl Boss Bootcamp prepared us to be the confident and strong women that we are in any presentation.

Why Prioritizing Gender Balance is Good Business - A UAE Perspective

Featured on Forbes

The conversation regarding gender equality and gender balance is increasing in the UAE. This article highlights business benefits and offers a way forward.

The Ellevate Podcast

Timeless Female Leadership, with Sally Helgesen

On this episode, Sally talks about the evolution of female leadership and how business and society came to embrace women leaders.