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Tap into the wisdom of our community on all topics, personal and professional. We're here to help each other achieve our goals faster and smarter.

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The Ellevate Podcast

The Future of Health Technology, with Candice Hughes

Candice Hughes, CEO and Founder of Hughes BioPharma Advisors, has had an entrepreneurial spirit engrained in her from a young age.

The Ellevate Podcast

Paying it Forward in Tech, with Bear Douglas

Not many people can say they've been coding their whole lives; however, Bear Douglas is the exception.

The Ellevate Podcast

A Seat at the Table, with Minda Harts

Minda Harts, CEO and founder of The Memo, has created a space to help women of color not only gain a seat at the table, but to know what to do at the table.

What to Do When "Flailing Arms Syndrome" Hijacks Your Management

Featured on Forbes

By understanding how stealthy diversions to good management can be, managers can enact a plan to stay on-point and lead effectively.

Taking Control: Managing Your Business Finances

Featured on Medium

Below are a few tips on how to create a good financial structure for your business so you can grow with confidence and ease.

What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Success

Featured on Forbes

The World Cup tournament is much more than just a sporting event. It’s a platform that can teach us about the many factors that lead to success. Here are six such lessons.

Feminine Leadership + Why Leading With Purpose May Change the Future of Business

Featured on Medium

An appreciation for purpose and people are among the most critical components of successful leadership, now and in the future.

Olympic Gymnast Carly Patterson on Pressure, Success, and Inspiring Others

Whether you’re starting your own business, pivoting to a new phase in your life, or looking to perform at the highest level, Carly has some lessons to share with you.

Olympic Gymnast Carly Patterson on Patience, Perseverance, and Overcoming Disappointment

Carly’s wisdom goes far beyond her incredible speech. In speaking with us, she offered insights into a wide variety of topics relevant to the professional woman’s daily life.

What's Good For Women in the Workplace Is Good For Everyone

Featured on Medium

Work-life balance isn’t a women’s issue. We all face the same conflicts: career, relationships, family, passions, and self-care. The solutions that benefit any of us benefit us all.

The Surprising Result of #MeToo in the Workplace That Men and Women Agree On

While the #MeToo movement has captured national attention, our survey shows that there is a lot more work to do to make a real impact in workplaces across the country.

Self-Awareness Tips for Leading With Positive Impact

Featured on Forbes

The leaders we have in life shape the type of leaders we decide to be. By nurturing better leaders through self awareness, they do a lot more than their jobs. They leave a positive impact in society.