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These Two Essential Books Will Skyrocket Your Career Success

Featured on Forbes

An ever-changing environment dictates that you make continuous learning a lifetime habit. The newfound knowledge, when applied, can rock your career.

Ellevate network confidence does not equal competence

Inspiration for the Timid: Confidence Does Not Equal Competence

Featured on Forbes

Confidence is important, but this can be misleading. Knowing that confidence does not equal competence can help anyone on the confidence spectrum.

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Fighting Ageism for Your Mental, Physical, and Financial Health

Featured on Forbes

Ageism in the workplace not only affects our financial health, but also our mental and physical health.

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Error messages, secrets, and shame

We are in the midst of a robust national conversation about gender. We're talking about the shifting roles and expectations of men and women, and whether the U.S. is "ready" for a female president.

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Do You Know Where Your Stakeholders Are?

Featured on Medium

Proactive career management means that you pay attention to the benefit you bring to the company and your stakeholders. Don't blindly assume that people will notice your good work.

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The Power of Engagement

Featured on Medium

Do you find that you are bored with your work? Is your team really engaged? Some downtime during office hours can be good, but too much of it can be hurting your bottom line.

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Is it Impostor Syndrome or Incompetence?

Featured on Medium

How do you know if it's Impostor Syndrome, or you're truly not ready for your role?

Ellevate network self promotion

Self-Promotion is Not Self-Serving; It's a Service to Others

Featured on Forbes

Many women believe that self-promotion is rude and self-serving. When done strategically, however, self-promotion is actually a service to others.

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Elevate Your Career by Communicating Your Impact

Featured on Forbes

How well you communicate the impact you are making on the company will determine if the audience that matters the most hears and understands your value. Here are three simple actions you take.

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How to Thrive at Work as an Introvert

Featured on Medium

The perspectives and penalties for being an introvert woman at work must be confronted, because when done so effectively, individuals and organizations both win.

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The Unvarnished Truth: Why Some Leaders Get Ahead and Others Don’t

Featured on Forbes

Often my clients say to me, "How many leadership styles do I need to have?” My response: “As many different leaders that you work with.”

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Networking in the Digital Age

Building authentic relationships in the digital age can be challenging, unless, like Ellevate Squads, you combine community and technology to overcome the obstacle of intimacy in our digital world

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