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Break Down the Walls: Sharing Knowledge is Power

Gone are the days of filling your coffers with valuable knowledge. Today it's all about how much you share. But how do we dismantle the management practices that keep us siloed?

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Three Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Technical Communications

No matter how dry, technical, or complicated your subject matter, these three storytelling tips will breathe life into your words and resonate with people in a compelling and memorable way.

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Tips on Asking for a Raise

Let's take a cue from JLo and ask for what we really want and deserve: a raise. Here are some tips to prepare you for asking for that raise.

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Why Women Work for Less, and How to Change the Pattern

In what sane developed world should it be acceptable that a person who is exploited feels guilty about asking not only for what they deserve, but what they have rightfully earned?

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How to Ask for a Raise

If you have worked hard all year, you may believe that your compensation is not in line with what you deserve.

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The Anchoring Effect in Negotiation, and How to Eliminate It

The anchoring effect is an effective and commonly-used technique by expert negotiators. If you are on the receiving end of an offer, you can offset the anchor by following four easy steps.

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How to Get Your Audience to See it Your Way

The success of any persuasive presentation comes down to one thing: convincing your audience that what you're proposing is good for them.

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Embrace the "No"

You should never be defeated by the word "no."

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You Are Your Best Advocate

Working hard and being good at your job is not enough. Know your worth and don't be afraid to show it.

You Must Negotiate

Nearly 70% of women accept the salary they're offered and don't negotiate.

How to Take Control When You’re Interrupted in Meetings

Tired of being constantly interrupted in meetings? Turns out that there is more to interrupting than meets the eye. Here's how to handle it when it happens to you.

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Taking the Emotion Out of Asking to Be Paid Your Worth

There are so many emotions tied up with money that it's no wonder it can be hard to ask to be compensated at the right level, or know what the right level is.

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