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Img 4574 1 Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Gaining Inspiration from an International Women of Change

At the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit we learned from business leaders, activists, change-makers, and more. But the highlight was the International Woman of Change Award recipient, Hannah Beachler.

Nesa by makers igur1ix0mqm unsplash

Everyone’s Asking the Wrong Question

Knowing that diversity is a desirable objective, if you have two candidates for a board role and the white male is the “better” candidate, which one should you choose?”

Changing the culture Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Changing the Culture of Business from the Inside Out

We discuss the truth behind how cultural changes need to happen at all levels, and how we can create an environment where managers are supported in their quest to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Photo 1464020486846 34aa429118c1

The Benefits Give You Permission to Do the Right Thing

Featured on Medium

Are you wanting to do more to advance women in your company, but feel like you can’t prioritize something that feels like a nice-to-have? I have good news for you.

Changing the culture Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Changing the Culture of Business

White men hold 68 percent of C-suite positions, compared with 19 percent for white women and 9 percent for men of color, according to the Women in the Workplace 2018 report by LeanIn.Org.

Photo 1553276738 5a611037a82c

Advancing Women Advances Business

Featured on Medium

Not advancing women creates a huge missed opportunity for your business.

Photo 1515264333948 15d1a00930cb

Diversity Without Power is Still Not Enough

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While we should celebrate—loudly—the people of color who make it into the door, we should never be satisfied with diversity in just the cubicles. We need equal representation at the decision tables.

Woman 3257069 960 720

Unintended Consequences of Unconscious Bias

Featured on Medium

While there is no quick training that anyone can do to “fix” their unconscious bias, opening your eyes to the biases you have that you are not aware of is incredibly valuable.

Photo 1520811075669 911d3e898760

"We Would Never Penalize a Woman Like That"

Featured on Medium

I have had several conversations recently with male leaders that have been a bit maddening. Maddening because they get right to core of how hard it is to shift the gender equity paradigm.

Photo 1517245386807 bb43f82c33c4

The Added Challenge for Small Companies and Departments

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Whether your company or department has 15 people or 150, if you did not start your business with a gender-balanced team, achieving gender parity can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It's not.

Image preview Event Recaps

TBT Series: Verizon and Getting More Women and Minorities into Telecom & Tech

Join Ellevate CEO Kristy Wallace as she recaps her lessons learned while traveling, speaking, and meeting some of the most influential change makers in her work toward a more equal world.

Photo 1508785166660 30ce4484f45c

Why Diversity Should Matter to Investors

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There's a reason investors are looking at diversity metrics more closely. Investments in diversity pay off.

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