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The Best Bosses Have These Three Skills

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So much of your energy is wasted in shepherding people that often you as a leader are overstretched in your own work. So, how do you create an engaged team that you don’t have to micromanage?

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Announcing Ellevate Network’s Building Inclusive Workplaces Program

Building inclusive workplaces is everyone's responsibility. At Ellevate, we're working with managers and advocates to make workplaces more inclusive, so businesses can do better.

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Time is Up on Staying Blissfully Ignorant

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Corporate due diligence adds sexual harassment - or a "Weinstein Clause" - to its checklist.

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Don't Assume I'm a Guy: Gender-Neutral Marketing

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When you approach me and offer your service while assuming I’m a man, you won't get my business.

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Working With People You Don't Like

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We all have to work with people we don't like. Here are some tips for dealing with people you don't like at work.

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Back to Basics: Do You Know Your Mission and Vision?

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If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you’re going?

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Knowing Your People, with Sarah Clark

Returning to work at Mitchell, Sarah talks about the importance of selecting the right people, nurturing leadership and growth, as well as how a company’s culture can make or break the work itself.

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Realizing the Power of the Individual, with Elizabeth Zeigler

In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the exceptional power of individual giving, and she provides a refreshing example for how companies can create equal opportunities for flextime employees.

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CEOs and the Importance of Talking About Gender Equity

On December 7, CEO Action is asking CEOs to hold a discussion of understanding on the same day. When the topic turns to gender equity, what might they discuss?

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Why Equity Matters

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Equity is fair treatment; equality is equal treatment. If you start at a disadvantage and are then treated equally to a person with advantage, you perpetuate the gap.

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The Right Event Combination to Attract Women Ready to Invest

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Women love to learn in a community with other women, so providing that community environment is essential. The question is: Should it be free or should they pay?

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Play at Work: Incorporating Fun on the Job

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For many of us, work is often characterized as “serious,” “nose-to-the-grindstone,” “no-nonsense” and “down to business.” Perhaps play at work has a PR problem?

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