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Notes for Founders: Should You Use an NDA with Investors?

A lawyer and angel investor helps guide founders through a tough question and a nuanced area.

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Nine Ways Successful Group Networking Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

How women entrepreneurs can benefit from group-networking to stave off loneliness and boost their business skills.

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Why Every Solopreneuer Needs A Tribe

The importance of cultivating a following to build your business. People do business with those they can trust. Referrals are plentiful when you have a stream of people who understand you.

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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, with Audrey Bellis

Audrey Bellis is a community builder, and her true passion is how she can she support entrepreneurs - those who are trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

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Taking Initiative, with Maisha Walker

Along with being the President and Founder of Message Medium, an Internet strategy consulting firm, Maisha Walker works to empower fellow small business owners as an author, educator, and speaker.

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​Business Startup Secrets: Should You Work for Free?

Learn how to set boundaries when a company or organization asks you to work for free, in exchange for exposure.

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Keeping Up and Thriving in Startup Culture, with Adrian Granzella Larsson

From being the first employee ever at The Muse, Adrian Granzella Larssen now runs a team of 600 freelance writers as their Editor at large and career expert.

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7 Things You Need to Start Your Business

How to start your business and the 7 simple things you need.

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How to Create a Simple Business Plan for Your Business

Wondering how to create a business plan for your business? This article will help you.

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Be Extraordinary: 5 Habits of Successful Salespeople

A few small changes can take you from being an average salesperson to an amazing one. It's all about motivating yourself to do better.

The Importance of Risks and Failures for Entrepreneurs, with Kate Ryder

Kate Ryder is the Founder and CEO of Maven, a company that’s disrupting the healthcare industry by providing women with a network of women’s health and family providers around the country.

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Building a Network that Matters, with Avani Patel

Avani Patel is the Founder and CEO of Trendseeder and the Director of Start Up Studio at Harvard Business School in NYC.

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