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Why Emoticons Belong in Business

Humans are made to communicate via body language as much as, if not more than through verbal communication. This is why emoticons (and the casual haha - see what I did there?) matter.

It Is Time to Consider Your Colleagues Like Children

Working is an adult thing, isn't it? We sign a contract; we deal with big budgets and take delicate decisions in a complex setting. Yet, manners tend to slip away and people behave like little brats.

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The Magic Rule of Threes: Put it to work in your next presentation.

I am such a fan of the rule of threes I refer to it as 'magic'. What is it? The rule of threes is simply the idea that human beings naturally group things in threes. We think in threes.

The 3 Secrets to Achieving More Through LinkedIn

We have heard it a thousand times: when it comes to advancing our career, it’s “all about who you know.” Many people believe that more relationships equals more opportunity.

Dealing with a Difficult Boss: The Too Distant Manager

While at first it may seem wonderful to have a boss who doesn’t keep close tabs on you, be careful not to be lulled into the trap of thinking that no news is good news. A boss who is too distant wi...

Small Ways Leaders Alienate Female Employees Through Gender-Biased Criticism

With so many studies confirming the advantages of female-friendly workplaces, it’s a wonder more companies don’t make a conscious effort to knock down gender barriers.

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Dealing with a Difficult Boss: The Micromanager

The term “managing up” gets used frequently in discussions of what it takes to be successful in the corporate world. One of the most important aspects of managing up is an ability to deal with less...