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Embracing Self-Care and Resilience

It’s rough to get going on creating our best year yet. What’s needed is an influx of energy to set us on the right path. The best way to do that is by embracing self-care and resilience.

Embracing Self-Management and Flow

The first couple of weeks of the year are always rough. Either we overcommit to new stuff to create our new life, or we just can’t seem to get it together to get moving.

How to Be Unapologetically You in 2022

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There’s no question that 2020 and 2021 have been tumultuous, but 2022 can be the year we take hold of culture’s forward momentum to claim our space and our needs.

Career Wanderlust or Pivot?

Do you simply want more out of your current job or are you ready for a pivot?

Two Thousand Years of Life Lessons and How They Apply Today, from Marcus Aurelius

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Some life lessons are timeless. This writing examines how the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius' life lessons not only applied to antiquity but to today to develop our best self.

Embracing Self-Love and Being

The new self can create our new chapter, our best year yet. A way to the new self is through embracing self-love and being.

Focus Like an Elite Athlete

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Elite athletes achieve unimaginable feats when they are operating in the zone. Can the average person get into the zone? Yes they can - by using technology.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Benefits All Year Long

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Ever wonder how to best use your benefits or how to get the most out of your coverage? Learn a few ways to access all the resources that are available to you to keep you healthy, happy, and well.

​How to Successfully Pivot in a Saturated Market

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To find success in a saturated market, you don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. Read how these entrepreneurs did it.

Set Yourself Up for Success When Requesting a Leave of Absence

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A leave of absence from work can be an important benefit. Learn what you should know before starting a new role or requesting a leave.

How Physical Health Translates to Financial Wealth for Entrepreneurs

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An established female doctor chats alongside female entrepreneurs about how imperative it is to weave physical activities into your daily schedule, and how this pays off in financial wealth.

Three Exercises and Prompts to Figure Out What to Do in Your Career

If you are questioning what’s next in your career, the good news is that there’s no one right answer for everybody. To figure out what to do in your career, you need to experiment.