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How to Activate Your Love Affair with Legacy

Featured on Medium

My love affair with the concept of legacy is a validation of self-love and an affirmation of success and self-leadership. No matter who you are, you too own that power. Here is how to activate it!

Supporting Each Other From Six Feet Apart

In case you missed it, the world is a really stressful place right now. Here are some best practices that our coaches use with clients striving to navigate today's uncertain environment.

The Secret to Cultivating Resilience

As we are transitioning into the back to school and busy seasons, we need to step up our game to keep up with the faster pace, fuller schedules, and additional demands.

Just Let Go and Surrender

Featured on Medium

What are you unwilling to let go of? Are you holding on to something so tight it hurts? It's time to let go and surrender.

Stitching Together: Five Ways Online Sewing Communities are Reducing Work Stress

Featured on Forbes

Online communities acting as informal support groups are rising in popularity among young people.

Identify Your Values For More Harmony and Joy

Having a world-class life requires us to live with purpose and from our values. We have to follow our values for more harmony and joy.

Give Grace During the Time of COVID-19

Featured on Medium

​As we move into the six-month mark recognizing how COVID-19 has changed our lives, the stress is palpable. Giving space and grace to yourself and others can help with coping.

Volunteering Can Improve Your Productivity at Work During COVID-19

Featured on Forbes

From managing a global pandemic and equally uncertain political and economic environments to adjusting to working from home, we are perpetually learning to find a new balance.

Saying "Yes" is Keeping You Stuck and Exhausted

Featured on Medium

How often do you say "yes" to things out of obligation or habit? Regain your power by considering another way.

Easy Hacks to Beat Zoom Fatigue

Featured on Medium

It’s easy in our ubiquitous virtual workplace to get tired or become distracted due to screen sensory overload.

Is Your Balance Low?

Featured on Medium

What feels better than a day in which all of your to-dos are crossed off the list?

Catapult Your Leadership Now: Why Mindfulness is the Mother of All Leadership Skills

Featured on Forbes

The skill-sets needed today are unlike those championed decades ago. A new era of leadership is not only emerging, but compulsory.