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7 Ways to Offer Flex Work At Your Company

Featured on Forbes

In order to retain talent and attract new talent, companies need to foster an inclusive culture and encourage a work environment where you can have both a career and life that you love.

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Content vs. Context: Which Matters Most?

Featured on Medium

Helping you strike the balance between polishing your skills and choosing the right environment to bring them to life.

Ellevate network empathetic leadership

There's Power In Being An Empathetic Leader

Featured on Forbes

Andrea Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer of Grameen America, shares her thoughts on how empathetic leadership can be a powerful driver of success in the modern workplace.

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What Social Contract Do You Have With Your Employees?

Featured on Medium

What is the agreement between an employer and employee, beyond compensation and benefits?

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The Power of Engagement

Featured on Medium

Do you find that you are bored with your work? Is your team really engaged? Some downtime during office hours can be good, but too much of it can be hurting your bottom line.

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The Shifting and Crazy State of M&A – Have You Missed It?

Featured on Medium

It's been a great time to sell a privately-held business over the last several years. But is it changing? Insights from the 2019 Summer Conference of the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors.

Changing the culture Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Changing the Culture of Business from the Inside Out

We discuss the truth behind how cultural changes need to happen at all levels, and how we can create an environment where managers are supported in their quest to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Changing the culture Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Changing the Culture of Business

White men hold 68 percent of C-suite positions, compared with 19 percent for white women and 9 percent for men of color, according to the Women in the Workplace 2018 report by LeanIn.Org.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Writing, Plus How to Do it Well

Featured on Forbes

Three tips for finding the right writer for you, your company, and your copy.

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Ignore the Myths to Be a Better Change Manager

Featured on Forbes

Four regularly accepted myths about change and what you need to know to lead a successful change effort.

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The Squad Perspective: A Soloprenuer's Journey

Yansi shares how her Squads have helped her succeed as a solopreneur.

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Five Strategies to Manage Your Self-Care as a New Entrepreneur

This article is about managing our self-care as new entrepreneurs.

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