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Six Key Steps to Research Company Culture

Featured on Medium

​There are lots of questions to ask before accepting a job, and some of these should include the company culture. If the company culture is not what you are expecting, you will not thrive.

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You'll Need More than Potential to Get Promoted

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Potential is great. Performance is even better! However, you'll need so much more to receive a promotion. In this article, I share five mistakes women make on the road to promotion.

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How to Prepare for the Most Important Interview Question

Featured on Medium

Are you ready for the most important and common interview question? Here are three exercises and frameworks to help you craft a dynamite answer.


3 Clues That Your New 'Typical' Job is Actually a Dream Job in Disguise

Career coach and HR expert Amy Nguyen says that any ordinary-seeming job has the potential be a dream job.

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The Dream Job Project: Giving Yourself a Permission Slip to Dream

Featured on Medium

How can we live our dream lives if we don’t know what our dream lives look like?

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6 Steps to Take Right Now If You Feel Like Your Career Has Veered Off Path

If you're feeling like your career has veered off path, here are six steps you can take!

18 The Ellevate Podcast

Finding a Billion Dollar Opportunity, with Shirley Chen

On this episode, Shirley Chen talks about the benefits of networking, the science of online shopping, and the difficulties she faced starting her own business.

21 The Ellevate Podcast

Doing What You Love, with Suzie Williford

Suzie Williford talks about the hardships she faced, the importance of mentorship, as well as the progress the kitchen and bath industry made in closing the gender gap.

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Grow Your Network in 2019 with Ellevate Squads

In this Jam Session recap, we gave an overview of our Ellevate Sqauds program, covering everything you need to get started in your Squad.

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Defining Success on Your Own Terms with Sallie Krawcheck, Alexandra Stanton, Joy Altimare, and Meg He

The 2019 Defining Success On Your Own Terms panel event by Ellevate Network was one for the books, and just in case you missed it, we’ve broken down our favorite moments here.

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The One Thing You Can Do To Boss Up At Work

Featured on Medium

This article reveals the one thing you can do in your career to incorporate clarity and communicate your competitive advantage.

18 The Ellevate Podcast

The Spirit of Women, with Nicola Nice

On this episode, Nicola talks about the history of gin, how she started her business, and how to create a distinct voice as a brand.

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