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​Women’s History Month at The White House: #FemaleRoleModels

Women’s History Month at The White House. Recognition of female role models.

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The Pathway to Transforming Women’s Place in Leadership

Insights from business leaders on ways to close the gender achievement gap in business.

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How You Can Give Back to Those Who Served: Mentor a Female Veteran

​The Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program is specifically designed to pair women veterans with America’s corporate leaders...

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How do Ellevate Members invest in other women?

We asked Ellevate members what they do to invest in other women, and learned 45% of members take a hands-on approach by mentoring others.

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Ellevate members weigh in on the most important things for career transitions

What does it take to navigate a successful transition? Ellevate members agree resilience is the most important thing in pivoting your career....

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60% of Ellevate Members believe companies can't reach gender parity in five years.

​We asked whether they believe companies can reach gender parity in the next five years, and over 60% of members believe it's not possible.

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89% of Ellevate Members still face gender discrimination at work.

Despite the strides made by women in the last century, 89% of Ellevate Members report that gender discrimination is alive and well in their company....

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Networking, Mentorship, and Sponsorship: What Ellevate Members Do to Close the Gender Gap

We asked Ellevate members what they're doing to close the gender achievement gap in business....

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Senior Management Engagement works best to improve company diversity.

Ellevate members overwhelmingly agreed that senior management engagement has a positive impact on diversity.

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Help a Transitioning Female Veteran Find Her Next Career

Ellevate Network has partnered with nationwide nonprofit organization American Corporate Partners (ACP).

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Ellevate Members agree - it's not ambition or success that's most important in a role model.

When people think about role models, women aren’t always the first to come to mind. This Women’s History Month, we're using the hashtag #FemaleRoleModel to raise awareness about the strong women...

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53% of Ellevate Members feel they do not have a say in their company's policies and culture.

More than half of Ellevate Members feel they do not have a say in their company's policies and culture.

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