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Christa Wessels

Humans are made to communicate via body language as much as, if not more than through verbal communication. This is why emoticons (and the casual haha - see what I did there?) matter.

Igloo words
Sheri Cupo

Never mind winter. If the heat is on for you to purchase your first home, you may be warmed by the excitement even as you find yourself frozen by indecision.

Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Recently, I participated on a panel for the Council of Alumni Association Executives in Scottsdale, Arizona. A highlight during the event was a presentation by Kai Kight who identifies himself as a...

Thoughtful woman on beach thinkstock
Caroline Dowd-Higgins

There’s no doubt that job-hunting in this economy can be challenging but conducting a job search from a place of fear rather than strength doesn’t always add up to success or satisfaction.

Career change
Caroline Ceniza-Levine

In a recent Forbes post, I profiled management consultant-turned-journalist Archith Seshadri, who shared his lessons for making a radical career change. Archith mentioned that his colleagues were “...

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Sara Bigwood

Working is an adult thing, isn't it? We sign a contract; we deal with big budgets and take delicate decisions in a complex setting. Yet, manners tend to slip away and people behave like little brats.

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Charu Sharma

In the context of a work environment, when co-workers or business partners ask us for a favor, is a thank you really enough?

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As one of the first law firms to establish a presence in key international markets, Shearman & Sterling LLP has led the way in serving clients wherever they do business. This innovative spirit and ...

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Debbie Fay

I am such a fan of the rule of threes I refer to it as 'magic'. What is it? The rule of threes is simply the idea that human beings naturally group things in threes. We think in threes.