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Happy businesswoman phone call thinkstockphotos
Jennifer Robinson
Featured on Huffington Post

A few nights ago I co-taught a seminar and one of the attendees told us she was published in a prominent publication in her field. When we asked about where she had spread the word, the answer was ...

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Ellevate Network

This week we celebrated one of the biggest fundraisers (and saw some pretty intense outfits) at the Met Gala, challenged our view of the classic women's restroom sign with #ItWasNeverADress and saw...

Career building blocks ladder thinkstockphotos
Stephanie Trager

Have you ever felt like you gave your power away unintentionally? Like one minute you're feeling in control, grounded and moving forward but something triggers you and you fall off course?

Working woman
Kimberly Campbell

Sometimes it feels like the only thing that doesn’t change is the idea that things are always changing. In looking at our biology, our emotions, and our life experiences, the only constant seems to...

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Ellevate Network

One hot topic of conversation lately has been the fact that women need to ask for that elusive raise, but some of us tend not to. Those women in the millennial generation have an especially tough t...

Career transition
Kate O'Sullivan

Like all major changes, career changes are challenging. While there are obvious challenges such as how to market yourself and how to acquire the necessary skills, there is also a huge emotional cos...

Businesswoman smiling thinkstockphoto 177239490
Suzanna Thekkekara
Featured on Huffington Post

In India, the idea of employer branding in catching on with companies like Mahindra using the RISE campaign and interweaving it with its employer brand. MNC firms like Capgemini are harnessing th...

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Ellevate Network

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” - Margaret Carty

Maxresdefault Women in Business News Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

This week, new research surfaced about black women’s desire to rise to the top in business but their tendency to be overlooked. SNL’s Cecily Strong presented a few poignant burns at the White House...

Experience def
Sara Bigwood

Don't you hate when a "green manager" introduces this "brand new" theory to reach clients that goes so obviously against the experience you have of the clients?

Sara Bigwood

The pain of a leader is that all his lieutenants report to him on how the company is doing well, how growth is as expected, or how teams are comprised of A-list members who perform like wisdom expe...

Team collaboration
Sara Bigwood

It is as if today's teams are suffering from a motivation disease. It spreads in all kinds of organizations and it starts often with a variety of symptoms.