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Sallie Krawcheck

My Jaw-Dropped, Ah-Ha Manager Moment by Sallie Krawcheck...

Getting feedback
Kate O'Sullivan

Whether you’re an employee who isn’t getting enough input from your boss, or a leader who is struggling with how to deliver a tough message, feedback is a universal and unavoidable challenge. As a ...

Mina Chang
Featured on Forbes

Speed is everything in today’s tech-driven business world. In an effort to speed up even more, some so-called progressive business leaders are scrapping in-person meetings in favor of the latest hi...

Woman meditating blurred out
Tanya Boggs

Are you overlooking an important element in your business? Here is why you should focus on branding your business with photography.

Workplace diversity
Moha Shah

There has been much discussion lately about the rampant gender imbalance at tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. The lack of diversity also extends into the venture capital (VC) ind...

Redifine retiement
Sheri Cupo

When consecutive blizzards weigh heavy on the Eastern seaboard, it can be tempting to dream of the days that you don’t care if another foot or two comes down … because you’re RETIRED.

Jennifer Robinson
Featured on Huffington Post

How do you make sure you stay consistent with your Networking and Happy at the same time? Here are 5 tips.

Network graphic stock
Jennifer Robinson

Whenever I speak to individual clients or groups about Networking, the biggest concern seems to be time. How much time do I need to spend on networking? How do I fit it into my day?

Uber female
Sara Bigwood

The future is already present as more and more peer-to-peer companies are thriving like Uber, Postmates, and Airbnb. What they have in common is a new way of organizing work that is more flexible.

How to ask for a raise advice from inspirational businesswomen
Elana Lyn Gross
Featured on Huffington Post

Did you know that women work for free 59 days out of the year? It’s true. Even if you’re fortunate like me, and you absolutely love your job, you probably wouldn’t want to do it for free for 59 days.

Allison Hartsoe

I have often wondered why some companies languish in their use of customer data and others feast on it. The stakes are high, because data-driven compa...

Business books
Moha Shah

When I studied politics and economics at Brandeis University, I immersed myself in understanding global business and political trends. I also served as world news editor for the Brandeis Free Press...