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Girl sillouette handsraised success achievement
Stacy Steele

When I think of success, three things come to mind: desire, pursuit and triumph. In the face of adversity, is your first thought to give up, or do you keep going?

Female colleagues at desk stock
Sara Bigwood

Stress is the number one source of dysfunction at work, ranging from discomfort, conflict, to burn out.

Businesswoman and trainee application thinkstockphotos
Stacey Hawley

Companies endeavor to hire the right candidates, with the right skills, right qualifications and right cultural fit, for their organizations. Finding the right candidates is critical.

Woman smiling during meeting stock
Stacey Hawley

The ONLY way to receive those promotions or those stellar raises is to lose the hang-ups, shed the grievances and brush off any notions that you aren’t succeeding because you are a woman.

Businesswoman smiling with colleagues shutterstock
Zeynep Ilgaz
Featured on Forbes

Growing my own business became possible when I moved to America, but just because gender inequality looks a little different here doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Ellevate review article
Shannon Wilkinson

Customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List have long posed major challenges to companies in industries like retail and hospitality. But now, customer review sites reach every industry.

Smiling businesswoman in city
Caroline Dowd-Higgins

I often work with people that brand products or services but have no real awareness of their personal professional brand and why it matters. It’s time to take stock of your own brand.

Goldman 46hours
Elin Cherry
Featured on Huffington Post

What will be the regulatory impact of 46 hours of tapes and how can firms prepare to respond?

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Sallie Krawcheck

by Sallie KrawcheckIn last week's news: The NFL bumbles through its reaction to charges of domestic abuse by its players. The Census Bureau announces that women are now paid 78 cents for every doll...

Businesswoman presenting to colleagues thinkstockphoto
Farhana Huq

While founders can be inspirational to the growth of a venture or organization, if founder exceptionalism exists within an enterprise, it may hurt everyone in the long run.

Job recruiting
Caroline Ceniza-Levine

You’re happily employed, and pick up your phone to find a recruiter on the other end. How do you maximize this call when you’re not actively looking?

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Shirley Osborne

Let’s talk about power, Ladies.No! It’s not a bad thing, though we do often speak about it as if it were - a bad thing, and when we mention power in relation to women, the hue and cry that goes up ...