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Aboutfund 2x Women in Business News

Women and business: October 9th, 2015

This week, we recognized the importance of girls' education with the #62milliongirls campaign and #withMalala, the Governor of California signed the Fair Pay Act and Ford made plans to sell women a...

Personal brand

Personal Rebranding: How To Be Seen Differently

There is always a lot of buzz about personal branding, and a lot of the focus is on consistency. Sign up for The Morning Boost, our ultra-personalized newsletter, to get our articles delivered to you.

Dog money

Empathy Strikes Back: How Animals Can Help Us Redefine & Attain True Economic Success

Featured on Huffington Post

In celebration of the recent World Animals Day and the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, I dedicate this blog with much love and respect to all the cr...

Woman jumping Inspiration & Quotes

Quotes from Women Who Don't Let Fear Hold Them Back

“Having limits to push against is how you find out what you can do.”— Sylvie Guillem

Jessica insurance2

Advice for Young Adults: How To Choose Among Your Employer’s Insurance Plans

When my niece Jessica arrived home recently from her first day in her first career as a journalist, she brought a stack of homework. It was the enrollment forms for a variety of employee-sponsored...


I Thought You'd Be Older: Life As A Career-Driven Millennial

I manage the internship program at the company where I work. I was once in the same program. I invest a lot of time in my interns, many of whom are older than me.


Treat Networking Like An Investment

It’s important to understand what networking is, and what it isn’t. Networking is not randomly clicking on people on LinkedIn. It’s not making a bunch of new friends and it’s not ...


Back To School Means It's Time to Save

Back To School Means It's Time to Save...

Woman with megaphone outside stock

How to Get Your Point Across and Finally Be Heard

Featured on Huffington Post

Is silence truly golden? No, I don't think so -- not when promotions, pay raises and prestige at the workplace are on the line.

Professional success

5 Daily Habits That Promote Ongoing Success

I have ongoing success, not just one-hit wonders, on the brain. My recent Forbes posts have been book reviews of Larry Weidel’s Serial Winner: 5 Actions To Create Your Cycle of Success and Robert K...

Coed business team smiling thinkstockphotos

Gender Diversity and Evolution of Consciousness

Featured on Huffington Post

Years ago, when I started my management career, I was convinced that the subject of gender is irrelevant to being a professional and being a manager.


Why I Changed My Mind...And Raised a Series A

Why I Changed My Mind...And Raised a Series A...