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Ellevate Impact Survey: Thought Leadership

43% of Ellevate members were published or quoted as thought leaders in 2015 (versus 32% in 2014).

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Ellevate Impact Survey: Board Leadership

​​30.36% of Ellevate members sit on a corporate or nonprofit board of directors.

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Ellevate Impact Survey: Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to how their companies manage diversity, women in the Ellevate community are, for the most part (47%), “somewhat satisfied.”...

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What's the most important element in developing your personal brand?

40% of Ellevate members believe framing yourself as a thought leader is the most important thing to develop your personal brand.

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What do you need to become a thought leader?

39% of members agree that being authentic is the most important thing you need to become a thought leader.

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Advice On Getting a Raise (from Women Who've Been There)

"Ask for more than what you think is fair. Men do."

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98% of Ellevate Members agree on who isn't solely responsible for closing the pay gap...

When asked who is responsible for closing the gender pay gap, 98% of members agreed that the responsibility shouldn't fall entirely on individuals.

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Nearly half of Ellevate Members think negatively of perks like egg freezing.

Nearly half of members said new maternity perks, such as egg freezing and nannies on planes, aren't a step in the right direction for companies.

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What's the One Piece of Advice You'd Tell Your Younger Self?

"When you have an idea, be passionate about it and get your voice or product out there. Do not allow fear of failure hold you back from expressing yourself creatively."

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 #FemaleRoleModel Series: Inspirational Women

When people think about role models, we think women should come to mind. Sharing the stories of your female role models makes a difference....

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Ellevate Members Agree: We should make the education of girls around the world a priority.

We asked Ellevate Members where our community should put our philanthropic efforts, and 28% of members feel we should support girls education.

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How do Ellevate Members invest in other women?

We asked Ellevate members what they do to invest in other women, and learned 45% of members take a hands-on approach by mentoring others.

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