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Renee Marie Smith Esq.
Featured on Forbes

Data reveals interesting facts about how women’s mindsets control our destiny more than we know, and how it is our responsibility to pick out chairs in the board rooms and hire the next generation.

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Elevate Network’s Mumbai chapter hosted the panel "India Inc - Preparing women for board memberships” on November 20, 2014 at The Tasting Room.

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Dolores DeGiacomo
Featured on Huffington Post

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again…appraisals, evaluations, bonuses, raises. You know what you want. You know you’ve worked hard but this is a tricky topic. Lean in? Wait for Karma?

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Sheri Cupo

An important part of running your financial fire drill is to touch base with your mindset on money.

Jennifer Gilhool

“Now, climbing the frat-house stairs with Drew, Jackie felt excited. Drew ushered Jackie into a bedroom, shutting the door behind them..." My heart nearly stops as I picture Jackie screaming.

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Shari Goldsmith

In today’s world, we all have numerous responsibilities and tasks that fill up our days. At times, it feels as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

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Caroline Dowd-Higgins

We spend most of our waking hours sitting: at a desk at work and on our commute. The sedentary lifestyle is a hazard to our health and can also squelch our career advancement.

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Nicole Eva Fraser, MFA
Featured on Huffington Post

In the summer of 1981, just after turning 22, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Caleb. I was not married, and the man who had fathered my child was permanently out of the picture.

Taylor swift
Sara Bigwood

Taylor Swift masters the use of social media but in a way that connects to the basics human needs of connecting and belonging.

Candice Hughes, PhD, MBA
Featured on Forbes

Only 3-5% of startups are led by women. I’m leading one of these few firms at the crossroads of education, health and technology. Even though the number of women-led startups is tiny, they tend to...

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Sumeera Rasul

As a designer, designing and developing a product is the most crucial part of your business. Many designers struggle to create products that establish a sustainable demand among their customers.

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Ellevate Network

This article was originally featured on Christine NotesBy Christine Condon“What do you have to say? How do you say it? What do you stand for?”—Dave Kerpen, Co-Founder of Likeable Media Sometimes ...