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Building Resilience and Balance for a Sustainable Career

“It’s very easy to rely on others as your source of confidence. If you find your source of self-confidence, then you’re more resilient.” - Lisa Shalett, former Partner at Goldman Sachs

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Modernizing Marketing, with Kate Edwards

In this episode, Kate talks about what it took to go from an idea to a thriving company that provides side hustle opportunities to thousands of women.

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Expanding Your Wealth Through Personal Finance, with Natali Morris

This week, we sat down with broadcaster, speaker, writer, and educator, Natali Morris to discuss managing your personal finances.

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CEOs and the Importance of Talking About Gender Equity

On December 7, CEO Action is asking CEOs to hold a discussion of understanding on the same day. When the topic turns to gender equity, what might they discuss?

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4 Ways Burnout Increased My Happiness and Professional Growth

Featured on Forbes

Sometimes we overlook our personal wellness and burn out trying to meet increasingly demanding schedules. Here's how my burnout experience led to more happiness and professional growth.

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Championing Women and Girls in Tech, with Lorraine Hariton

In this episode, Lorraine talks about how we must champion women and girls in tech, as this is where the fate of our future lies.

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Social Networking 101, with Maria Granovsky

In this episode, Maria tells us how she builds relationships via social media, how to manage your professional vs. personal social media presence and how she is able to be herself in her writing.

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Ditching Perfectionism, with Jodi Flynn

In this episode, Jodi walks us through the rewards and challenges of holding oneself to the highest standard, and she outlines helpful practices that all women can adopt.

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Reaching New Heights, with Melanie Curtis

In this episode, Melanie Curtis chats about making her imperfections known, overcoming fears, and what it’s like to throw yourself out of planes, helicopters, and the occasional hot air balloon.

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Poor Progress for Women in the Workplace

Featured on Medium

McKinsey and’s Women in the Workplace 2018 Study was just released, showing that women’s progress in holding a more equitable proportion of company roles remains very slow.

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The Tipping Point: When Strategic Vision and Total Confidence Intersect

Innovators, disruptors, and creators use this process to succeed.

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Dodging the Cashier Check Scam

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are victims of a cashier check scam. Here's my story of being targeted, with tips on how to spot and prevent this scam and what to do if you fall victim to it.

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