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Company Spotlight

Accenture: A Mobilize Women Week Gold Sponsor

Accenture, a leading global professional services company, believes that focusing on attracting, inspiring, and advancing women is critical to its future.

Millennials Want a Healthy Work-Life Balance. Here's What Bosses Can Do.

Featured on Forbes

With 50% of workers now between 24-39 years old, accommodating millennials' need for a healthy work-life balance is crucial to attracting and retaining key talent. Find out what leaders can do.

Career Recovery: Be Resilient After a COVID-19 Job Loss

Featured on Medium

Those who lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 must showcase resiliency and recovery as they navigate their career future.

Six Secrets for Networking Success

While some encounters are the product of chance, some have to be planned. Though networking has temporarily changed during COVID-19 times, we can still network.

Lessons from ​Apollo 11: Dare to Soar

Featured on Medium

If we as a nation can do anything, we as individuals can do the impossible.

A July 4th Miracle: How Surviving a Hit and Run in the Colorado Mountains Taught an Important Lesson About Trauma

Featured on Medium

When it comes to trauma, if we disengage and remain disengaged for too long, it can be hard to return.

Five Essential Tips to Be a Happy, Healthy, High-Performing Entrepreneur

Featured on Forbes

How the most successful entrepreneurs reach ultimate levels of success with less stress and more joy through healthy habits.

Eight Ways You Can Support Racially Diverse Colleagues at Your Workplace

Featured on Forbes

Allyship increasingly plays a key role in supporting marginalized groups that are continuously short-changed by justice. Here are eight ways white allies can offer actionable support.

It's Not Just PR: A New Age of Relationship Management

Featured on Forbes

Many industries are entering unchartered territory as we prepare for a new normal.

Building the Mindset to Thrive in the New Normal

Featured on Forbes

Many are worried about the next level of normal, especially returning back to work. Here are a few strategies to help us and our colleagues take control of how we show up at the office.

Innovative Leadership in Three Steps

Featured on Forbes

From the global pandemic to the resulting economic downturn, the post-lockdown world will require more than just the status quo from businesses, big and small.

COVID-19 Mortality Rate for Black Americans is Double that for White Americans – How Rebuilding Trust Through Communications Might Reverse the Trend

Featured on Medium

COVID-19 hit my community, my people, the hardest. Public relations practitioners know an effective communications campaign can influence a targeted audience in an impactful way.