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I’m Not Your Type, Or Am I: Living With Type 1 Diabetes

When we do the work to truly understand one another - our compassion can expand and we can move from judgement to acceptance.

Achievement Intelligence: When is Enough, Enough?

I coined the phrase Achievement Intelligence to help create guardrails from overworking, so we can enjoy our careers and love our lives simultaneously.

Energize a Content Marketing Strategy with Strong Brand Connections

Brands have tremendous opportunities to impact audiences through the magic lens of content marketing.

Alternative Investments 2023

Investing can be a minefield but Fortune Favours the Brave. The Alternative Investment Article provides some basic information of taking the first steps, example of what an alternative & Q's to ask

The Detail and Nuance of Generational Marketing

​It’s not enough to embrace the speed of change in modern day marketing. Evolving technology and brilliance in creative content are only small portions of a successful marketing strategy.

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Design Your Way to a Better Future

Life is too short to wait for things to get better. It’s time to own your power and be proactive about how you can re-engage in your current role or find something new to stimulate your curiosity.

 How to Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out

ESG criteria within the design of loyalty program rewards and incentives promote sustainable and responsible behavior among customers.

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Sunshine Mixed with a Little Hurricane (and Nikes)

When we see the patterns of our hurricanes, we can be better equipped to ride out the storms and even see them coming.

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Networking Know-How: Ellevate Toronto’s 5 Cs of Networking

With a roster of networking events coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to share some of our favorite networking tips and tricks. Check out Ellevate Toronto’s 5 Cs of networking.

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Achievement Intelligence is the Essential Guardrail Needed to Honor Humanity with AI

Achievement Intelligence is a new layer we must consider with AI to honor the humans doing the work optimized by technology.

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 The Intersection of AI and Loyalty

How AI can be used in loyalty to drive a more meaningful relationship with your customers.

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Three Layoff-Proof Strategies to Increase Your Value as a Professional

Three proven strategies aimed to help professionals prevent being laid off and to strengthen their position in the company during the times of uncertainty.

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