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What You Really Need to Know About Remote Work

There’s a learning curve that goes along with ditching your commute and your boss’s watchful eye over your shoulder.

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Female-Founded Brands: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

How would I advise female-founded brands to put their best foot forward? I've learned from some of the best. Here's what they had to say.

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Women and Business: August 10th, 2018

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Don't Let Perfection Paralyze Your Career

Featured on Medium

People make mistakes (and survive them) all the time. Many times, we beat ourselves up for these mistakes unnecessarily. As women, we tend to be especially hard on ourselves.

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Could Your Diet Be Affecting Your Work Performance?

Featured on Medium

What you eat can affect your mood and energy levels. But a lifestyle change doesn't need to be extreme. Here are five tips to help boost your productivity at work.

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Three Simple and Essential Money Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Featured on Forbes

​After 22 years as a successful entrepreneur, here are three of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about money.

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The Skills You Need to Succeed in 2020

Featured on Forbes

2020 isn't that far away. As a professional, have you been paying attention to the changes happening in your workplace? Do you consider yourself skilled for the jobs of the future?

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The Lonely, Critical Role of Change Leaders

Featured on Medium

Why change leaders are any modern organization’s MVPs — and how to identify them.

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​Four Critical Tips for Building a Memorable Brand

Featured on Medium

Building a long-lasting, memorable brand can be challenging in our saturated digital marketplace. Here are four critical tips to get you there.

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Reflecting On Ellevate's "Employment After 50" Poll

As the suggester of a recent Ellevate poll asking women over 50 if they’ve experienced difficulty finding new employment and why they think this is the case, the results were of great interest to me.

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Women and Business: August 3rd, 2018

This week -- women and business in the news.

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How to Lead in Times of Change

Featured on Forbes

Do we ever take a moment to consider how changes personally and emotionally impact us? What’s our approach to change? Do we thrive in change cultures? Do we shrink?