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Lianna Gomori Ruben
Featured on Medium

Every woman can be a champion for younger women. Here’s how to empower the next generation.

Greta N. Anderson, PhD, LPGA
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Coaching can go a long way in propelling us in the achievement of our life's goals. Many new entrepreneurs don't realize that business coaching can be equally powerful in building a new enterprise.

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Gabrielle Ryan
Featured on Forbes

Everyone has multiple goals that they want to accomplish. No matter your background, people who exhibit these three characteristics have the greatest ability to succeed.

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Jessica Stewart
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Is this generation of professional women kicking the outdated Mean Girl archetype back to 1999? I took a poll.

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Fairygodboss .com

New research from employee benefits provider Personal Group's Gender Happiness Gap research suggests that women are happier than men at work.

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Natasha Knox,CFP®, PFP®

What is aspirational spending? It is spending that reflects what we want to do or who we want to be at some unspecified point in our future.

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Elesia Forgie

This article is meant to sharpen your already-existing negotiation talent, from asking for more rice or chicken at the Chipotle line to negotiating with your spouse. We are great negotiators!

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Jessica Edwards
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As the mile markers of purpose, our values can be instrumental in guiding us toward exceptionally fulfilling careers. Here are four ways to hold your values at the center of your next job search.

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Dr. Franziska Alesso-Bendisch, MBA, PhD
Featured on Forbes

A key success factor of corporate wellness programs is establishing a ‘Culture of Health' to keep employees engaged. Here are five tips from the creator of BankUnited’s wellness program.

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Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

Mobilize women panel
Jennifer Robinson
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The conference is 6/21! Are you ready?

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Jennefer Witter
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Getting press is a major goal for many corporations. This article will share several tips that will assist entrepreneurs in achieving that objective.