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Want to Get More Money and Respect?

Featured on Forbes

Often, we apologize reflexively or minimize our brilliance and contribution resulting in lower pay and less influence. Get out of the apology trap and claim your rightful place in the world.

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The Neuroscience Secrets For Positive Change That Stick

Featured on Forbes

Have you created an amazing plan for your team to do more and achieve more? Then gotten, well, nothing? No change, just more of the same? Try adding some neuroscience to your change management.

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Four Universal Career Challenges Holding Women Back

Featured on Forbes

Survey responses from 300 working women reveals the universal internal and external roadblocks that can impede a woman’s climb to the top, regardless of her culture or geography.

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Motivating Talent by Giving Credit in the Workplace

Featured on Forbes

The over-the-top encouragement we give to toddlers can translate to how we motivate staff. Here are my tips for giving credit that results in better, more productive, and more engaged staff.

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Is the “Disease to Please” Holding You Back?

Professional women can be held back from reaching their career goals by inner stereotypes they've developed. This article shares 3 clear tips to overcome one common trap, the Disease to Please".

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How To Use Roadblocks As A Jumping-Off Point To Learn And Grow

Featured on Forbes

Setbacks are inevitable in life. Instead of spiraling into self-doubt when troubles arise, use these experiences as an opportunity to learn and improve.

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Five Questions Candidates Ask That Get My Attention

When I schedule an initial conversation with a candidate, I’m always excited. Many times, though, it’s the questions they ask me during the interview that really show their potential.

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Commute Optional: Building Flexibility into Your Company's Culture

​On a typical Tuesday morning at Ellevate, the whole team is present. Whether they’re in the office, though, is a different story. But how do you get to that point with your team?

 ellevate Inside Ellevate Blog

Announcing Ellevate Network’s Building Inclusive Workplaces Program

Building inclusive workplaces is everyone's responsibility. At Ellevate, we're working with managers and advocates to make workplaces more inclusive, so businesses can do better.

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Diversity Marketing Matters to Your Audience

Featured on Medium

No two people are alike, so why would you try and market your business or products in the same manner to different people?

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Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Featured on Medium

Eleven universal truths about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. How do you stack up?

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The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room

Featured on Medium

My dad once told me, “When there is an executive woman in the room, everyone pays attention." Take advantage of this.

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