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Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

Featured on Medium

Despite the breakneck speed and laid-back style of even the most professional content these days, grammar still matters. It holds the potential to make or break your career. Here's why.

Master Your Mind, Master Your Day

When good things happen, let’s of course enjoy them and be grateful for them. But let’s not hang our hat on that. Let’s instead create our awesome day - become the of master your day!

Companies Are Losing Top Talent Because of Exclusive Behaviors

Featured on Forbes

Exclusive team behaviors can be painful. It becomes an uncomfortable situation for many. When people do not feel welcomed nor have a sense of belonging, it will cause them to leave.

Lessons to Teach Young Women on this International Day of the Girl

Featured on Medium

Here are a few lessons we must pass on to the younger generation in order for them to break the shackles of social conditioning that have given rise to faulty confidence meters.

When You Need to Over-Communicate With Your Boss

Featured on Forbes

Communicating effectively is not just for leaders and managers. Employees need to over-communicate if they want to meet their own needs.

How a Pilot Program Prepared Morgan Lewis for Remote Work

For this generation of associates, flexibility and remote working are among the key benefits they are looking for when deciding on law firms.

A Year-Round Guide to Self-Advocacy

Featured on Forbes

Women are not great self-promoters. Girls are taught at a young age not to draw attention to themselves. Addressing the gender pay gap means also addressing the gender mindset gap.

Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Keeping Human Agency in Tech to Minimize Bias

How do we better create algorithms that run by ethical standards, don’t impart biased results on society, and uphold the human aspect to technology?

Choosing Growth

Featured on Medium

As we wrangle the many challenges presented to us in 2020 - and the fast pace of change we're experiencing every day - it's important to embrace experimentation and opportunities to grow.

Achieving True Work-Life Integration

Striving for balance means finding an equilibrium in our life that is satisfying to us. That honors who we are and what we are about.

Nonprofits: It's Time to Protect Your Employees Over Your Bottom Line

Featured on Forbes

As leaders in the community, it is our responsibility to show what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Our leadership will create a norm.

Three Ways to Future-Proof Yourself in the Next Normal

Featured on Forbes

We often hear that with every challenge comes opportunity. If you have been waiting for a sign to make a change, the next normal may have sped it up for you.