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“Women Who Lead” Series Concludes With a Power Message for Career Advancement

By: Christine Condon The final episode in the "Women Who Lead" video series, which was created in partnership by the 92Y Women in Power Fellowship Program and Ellevate Network, ends with a message every woman needs to hear: “Lead your change. Lead yoursel...

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The Secrets Of Good Writing

Writing is both an art and a science, and the only way to get better at it is to do it often. Since most professional writing appears online, there are aspects to consider when putting together blog p

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How Women Are Best Equipped to Lead the Millennial Workforce

​By Christine Condon Who is going to move the needle on building great teams with today’s workforce of Millennials? Chief Human Resources Officer of Accenture Ellyn Shook says it’s women. “I think women are well positioned to be great team builders,” say...

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Personal And Professional PR Tips From Jennefer Witter

Whether you work for a big organization or run your own shop, public relations is an important part of your personal and professional growth. Becoming a better communicator is a skill that’s developed

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Set Yourself Up For Success At Your Performance Review

Set yourself up for success at your performance review...

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What To Look For In A Networking Group

Geri Stengel, content marketing, market research, and entrepreneurship specialists, shares her secrets for successful networking.

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Debunking 8 Myths Surrounding Women And Work

Debunking 8 Myths Surrounding Women And Work...

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Leadership Tips from The Global Leadership Summit

When leaders join together to get better, everyone benefits. At the Global Leadership Summit we heard some of the most inspiring stories of courage, grit and greatness. We learned that the world needs leaders, and when we truly listen and learn, amazing t...

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GlamSquad (and Gilt!) Founder Shares Insights About Leadership and Start Ups

Leadership and start up advice from Alexandra Wilkis Wilson...

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Is Angel Investing Poised to be Disrupted?

Is Angel Investing Poised to be Disrupted by Christine Condon...

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9 Things We Learned About Women and Business Schools While At The White House

9 things were learned about women and business schools while at the White House...

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How To Find The Right Mentor

How to find the right mentor...

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