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3 Women Tell Us Why They Did – Or Didn’t – Get a Prenup

There's no right or wrong here.

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​When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Featured on Forbes

Leadership development is critical and will be powerful for only the willing participants.

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You Want to Be Taken Seriously in Meetings? Work on Your Executive Presence

Featured on Medium

Six tips to help you maximize your executive presence in your next important meeting

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So, Everyone Thinks They're a Marketer

Featured on Medium

From your boss to your spouse to every co-worker you work with, everyone has an opinion on the “best” way to market a product or service.

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Three Exercises To Help You Decide Your Next Career Move

Featured on Medium

Here are three exercises to help you decide your next career move. These exercises are fun, get your creative juices flowing, and may even prompt you to get your search started sooner.

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Powerful Professional Women Don’t Say Yes

Saying "no" sounds simple but it can actually be quite hard.

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How the Brick & Mortar Experience Has Changed Interior Display & Design

Featured on Forbes

A brief synopsis of how the brick and mortar experience has changed recently with the surge of shoppers purchasing online.

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5 Ways to Influence Without Authority

Featured on Forbes

Project managers - you don't have to be the boss to get things done! Here are five ways to influence without authority.


Work Sabbatical: Taking a Break from the Job

Featured on Medium

​Have you ever wanted to hit the “pause” button at work – getting away for longer than your allotted vacation time allows? This may be exactly what you need to reignite your career.

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What Women Breadwinners Need to Know About Wealth

Featured on Medium

Women breadwinners need to claim their power and take ownership of the wealth they’re helping create for themselves and their families. Here’s how.

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Are You Coachable? Here's How to Tell.

Featured on Medium

In order to benefit from working with a coach, you first need to be "coachable". Here are 3 essential traits to possess.

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4 Times It's OK to Take a Promotion Without a Raise

Yes — there are times when it is appropriate.