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Be Curious: From Anger Toward Love

Featured on Medium

Anger is heavy. Curiously is weightless. Ask questions and move toward love.

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You Were Created to Overcome Every Obstacle

Uncertainty, whether on a personal or professional level, can be stressful, and sometimes it’s important to recognize that we need a helping hand.

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Krista Sande-Kerback on Strategic Career Moves and Networking Even When You Want to Go Home

PLUS: How a one-minute pep talk could turn your whole career around.

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The Human Mind is Our Greatest Mystery

If you want to make friends with your unconscious mind, you need to invest time with it. Only then will you be able to reprogram and reinvent your life.

17 The Ellevate Podcast

Power Connections Through Ellevate, with Melanie Curtis

On this episode, Melanie talks about how she finally decided to join Ellevate after years of using public Ellevate resources, everything that’s new in her life, and importance of finding your calling.

14 The Ellevate Podcast

Unconventional Journey to the C-Level, with Joy Altimare

Joy Altimare talks about her experiences with negotiating, her career, and the journey that led her to a corporate healthcare provider focused on preventive care.

12 The Ellevate Podcast

Happiness at Work, with Stella Grizont

Stella Grizont, Executive Coach, Trainer and Founder of Woopaah, joins us this week to share her history with workplace burnout.

20 The Ellevate Podcast

Talking About Money, with Lindsey Stanberry

From working publishing house basements to the editor of one of Refinery 29’s most sought-after sections, Money Diaries, Lindsey Stanberry, joins us this week to talk about how her career started.

19 The Ellevate Podcast

From Waste to Value, with Jessica Aguirre and Bertha Jimenez

On this episode, Jessica and Bertha talk about how they started their company, industrial symbiosis and why it matters, as well as how to incorporate sustainable practices in businesses.

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Be Your Own Valentine: Love Who You Are

This Valentine’s Day I encourage you to see it through a different lens. When was the last time you really concentrated on yourself without guilt or concern for everybody else in your world?

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Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions? Probably Not. Here’s What To Do Instead

Featured on Medium

New Year's resolutions sound like a good thing to do. They give you a goal to focus on. But they set you up for failure. Here's what to do instead.

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Confidence and Connection: Survey of 1000 Entrepreneurs Reveals Challenges Women Face

Featured on Medium

Having the confidence to build a business is the first step but also continuing to find support and a strong sense of community will be the key to success.

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