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​Un Lucero de Amor Para Nuestras Niñas

¡No existe experiencia más gratificante que ayudar al prójimo! Y esto fue lo que experimentamos las socias de Ellevate PR el pasado sábado, 12 de agosto.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Summit Recap: Courageous Conversations with Sallie Krawcheck and Jessica Bennett

Inequality. Sexism. Mansplainers. Bropropriators. What do they have in common? Women face them in the workplace every day.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Summit Recap: Disrupting Diversity By Working Together To Close The Gap

In this discussion, we take a fresh look at a problem that has been around for years.

Event Recaps
My Image to Sucess: Event Recap from Ellevate Puerto Rico

​Tu apariencia refleja tu marca personal y es vital prestar atención a tu imagen para asegurarte que reflejas el mensaje de marca que quieres transmitir.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Death of the Queen Bee: It’s Not Competition, It's Collaboration

During the Death of Queen Bee: Turning Competition into Collaboration panel, we heard from a group of dynamic women on why inclusion and mentorship is the key for women getting ahead in the workplace.

Event Recaps
Why It’s Important to Lead With Your Values: A Conversation with Craig Newmark of Craigslist

Craig Newmark of Craigslist speaks to the importance of treating other people the way you want to be treated, using your influence, supporting other people’s good work, and Lisa Simpson.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Owning Your Superpower

At Ellevate's #MobilizeWomen summit, Erika Ervin spoke about the struggles she faced as a transgender woman and the ways she overcame them.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Why Gender Equality is Good for Women AND Men

Wade Davis, former NFL player, diversity & inclusion consultant, spoke at the 2017 Ellevate Network #MobilizeWomen Summit, and believes that true gender equality is beneficial for both women AND men.

Event Recaps, Inspiration & Quotes
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Lessons on Leadership and Failure from Alison Levine

At Ellevate's #MobilizeWomenSummit, Alison Levine shared the lessons she learned about leadership and failure from climbing Mount Everest.

Event Recaps
​#MobilizeWomen Recap: The Future of Women at Work

Sallie Krawcheck wrapped up the #MobilizeWomen Summit to talk to us about the future of women at work.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Listen to Your Inner Voice

At the Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit on June 21, 2017, Kelly Cutrone (Founder and CEO, People's Revolution) and Kristy Wallace (CEO, Ellevate Network) talk listening to your inner voice.

Event Recaps
#MobilizeWomen Recap: Information is Power: Creating Change Through Access to Information and Using Your Voice

During The Information is Power: Creating Change Through Access to Information and Using Your Voice panel at #MobilizeWomen, we heard five brilliant women discuss accessibility to information.

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