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How do Ellevate Members invest in other women?

We asked Ellevate members what they do to invest in other women, and learned 45% of members take a hands-on approach by mentoring others.

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Ellevate members weigh in on the most important things for career transitions

What does it take to navigate a successful transition? Ellevate members agree resilience is the most important thing in pivoting your career....

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60% of Ellevate Members believe companies can't reach gender parity in five years.

​We asked whether they believe companies can reach gender parity in the next five years, and over 60% of members believe it's not possible.

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89% of Ellevate Members still face gender discrimination at work.

Despite the strides made by women in the last century, 89% of Ellevate Members report that gender discrimination is alive and well in their company....

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Networking, Mentorship, and Sponsorship: What Ellevate Members Do to Close the Gender Gap

We asked Ellevate members what they're doing to close the gender achievement gap in business....

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Senior Management Engagement works best to improve company diversity.

Ellevate members overwhelmingly agreed that senior management engagement has a positive impact on diversity.

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Ellevate Members agree - it's not ambition or success that's most important in a role model.

When people think about role models, women aren’t always the first to come to mind. This Women’s History Month, we're using the hashtag #FemaleRoleModel to raise awareness about the strong women...

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53% of Ellevate Members feel they do not have a say in their company's policies and culture.

More than half of Ellevate Members feel they do not have a say in their company's policies and culture.

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86% of Ellevate Members support legislation requiring the disclosure of gender pay gaps.

We asked if the U.S. should pass laws to require companies to disclose gender pay gaps. An overwhelming 86% of you said yes and only 6% weren't sure.

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Ellevate members agree: more women in leadership positions will close the gender gap.

What you think is the #1 thing we need to do to achieve gender parity? One-third of you said we need to get more women to positions of leadership.

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66% of Ellevate Members Think Comments About Hillary's Voice and Speech Are Sexist

Hillary Clinton has been on the public stage for years, but lately the focus has been less on what she's saying and more on how she's saying it. Last...

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New Year, Big Career Plans

New Year, Big Career Plans...

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