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The EU’s Next Big Move: Taking Leadership to Close the Gender Gap in AI

Featured on Forbes

Today, as we stand at the crossroads of gender equity and advanced technologies, the EU is ready for an Industry 4.0 rebranding.

Professional Ghosting: What You Need to Learn About Workplace Envy

Featured on Forbes

Workplace envy has the potential to threaten personal relationships, workplace collaboration, and organizational success. Learn how to handle the green-eyed monster when you are the object of envy.

The Most Common Communication Mistakes Women Make

Featured on Forbes

By replacing meaningless and unnecessary words with words of value, you can change the impact of the entire conversation and how others perceive you.

Three Secret Impostor Syndrome Triggers (That Aren't About Self-Confidence)

Featured on Forbes

Impostor syndrome isn't just a self-confidence issue. It often arises out of how you evaluate yourself.

Rihanna's Rise: Six Implementable Actions To Build An Empire

Featured on Forbes

Rihanna employs vital strategies to build her empire, disrupting music, fashion, and beauty, with receipts to prove it. Here is why we should all take note.

How to Find a Corporate Mentor

Featured on Forbes

While a mentor can be an invaluable resource, how exactly do you locate one?

Pack Your Bags to Grow Your Leadership Skills

There’s no reason to relegate the development of your leadership skills to a classroom setting. With these four steps, your next work trip can be your greatest tool for growth.

Please Don't Ask Me to Babysit My Coworkers' Kids at the Office Party

I will pay my dues, as long as the benefits are equal for everyone.

Why Recruiting Entry-Level Women Can't Solve Your Gender Equity Problem

Featured on Medium

Don’t assume that bringing women in at the bottom without making other important changes will deliver any significant change to the status quo.

Mindfulness: Your Secret Business Weapon

As a clinical psychologist and former yoga teacher who works with driven business people, I want to clarify a common myth that mindfulness is mainly about relaxation and “being present."

“Not Another Counteroffer”

Featured on Medium

According to the National Employment Association, 80% of those who accept counteroffers are no longer with their company six months later.

Want A New Career But Unsure What? Do This First

Featured on Medium

In the first thirty days of your career exploration, you shouldn’t be focused on typical job search activities like redoing your resume. Do these four things instead.

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