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The Unemployment Numbers We Need to Be Talking About, And Actions Employers Should Take to Counteract Them

Featured on Medium

Women are losing jobs, becoming unable to work, and staying unemployed at much higher rates than men.

The Secret to Cultivating a Productive Team From Home

Featured on Forbes

Three easy-to-implement ideas that will increase team productivity and morale.

The #1 Reason You May Have Lost Confidence

Imagine what would be possible if you believed it was. Every action taken is one that brings you closer to believing in yourself.

Ladies, Taking Control of Your Life Means Taking Ownership of Your Finances Too

Featured on Medium

Women can't control their destinies if they don't actively participate in their families' financial decisions.

How to Activate Your Love Affair with Legacy

Featured on Medium

My love affair with the concept of legacy is a validation of self-love and an affirmation of success and self-leadership. No matter who you are, you too own that power. Here is how to activate it!

Supporting Each Other From Six Feet Apart

In case you missed it, the world is a really stressful place right now. Here are some best practices that our coaches use with clients striving to navigate today's uncertain environment.

The Highs and Lows of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Working Parents, and the Implications for the Future of Work

Featured on Forbes

The COVID-19 pandemic's stay-at-home order has upended the gendered distribution of unpaid household labor for dual-career families. This could have great impact on the future of work.

Your Emergency Fund: Don't Live Life Without It

Featured on Forbes

Unforeseen emergencies are an inevitable part of life. Having the discipline to save regularly to create an emergency fund will better enable you to weather these periods of adversity.

The Secret to Cultivating Resilience

As we are transitioning into the back to school and busy seasons, we need to step up our game to keep up with the faster pace, fuller schedules, and additional demands.

Staying Equal After Saying "I Do" — Even If You Stay At Home

Featured on Medium

How women can make sure they're treated as equals in the context of marriage -- even if they opt to work part-time or become stay-at-home moms.

Women, Let’s Create Our Own Wealth

Featured on Medium

​When superstar Cher’s mom asked her why she hadn’t settled down and married a rich man, her reply was, “Mom, I am a rich man.”

Six Steps to Create a Story Your Audience Will Really Connect With

Featured on Forbes

Storytelling is a powerful tool to connect you to your clients through emotion. Here are six steps to help you create the type of media that informs and motivates the decision-making process.