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Ellevate network jump start your mwbe marketing
Jean Kristensen

Whether you want to connect with more of your ideal clients or increase overall revenue in the new year, consider some of these tactics for your marketing strategy.

13 The Ellevate Podcast Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

Nellie Borrero is the Global Inclusion and Diversity Managing Director at Accenture. She’s been at the company for 30 years, and it’s her passion for making a difference that really drives her.

12 The Ellevate Podcast Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

Samantha Ettus gets a lot done: she’s a work/life expert, author, radio host and all around boss.

Ellevate network new parent at work
Rachel Montañez

Working mothers, you deserve a moment of silence and reflection — you’re amazing. If you feel like you're on the struggle bus most days, here are six scientific-based ways to improve your parenting.

Ellevate network influence of women entrepreneurs
Adrienne Monson

While there is still much work to be done, gender bias towards women leaders and entrepreneurs is eroding, mainly because we continue to rock at what we do!

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Shannon Adkins

Future State partners with Opportunity Junction, a nonprofit that trains low-income residents in administrative skills and gives them career counseling and assistance with technical education.

Ellevate network does meritocracy
Miriam Grobman

Organizations that emphasize "meritocracy" in their core-values are more likely to reward male employees than an equally performing female one. How can we fix this?

Ellevate network how your squad can influence your career
Rachael Bosch

Not all squads are formal; sometimes you just create a go-to network, your personal Board of Directors. But having a group of peers to engage with can have a huge impact on your career growth.

Ellevate network should you take a pay cut
Caroline Ceniza-Levine

The answer to whether or not to take a pay cut is based on the person involved, not the situation. What works for one job seeker may not be right for you, even in the same target market.

Ellevate network progress for gender equality
Fairygodboss .com

Fairygodboss Co-founder and President Romy Newman weighs in.

Ellevate network working moms get hired
Tracy Saunders
Featured on Forbes

Here are the top 5 trends that will empower moms to land new jobs this year.

16 The Ellevate Podcast Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

How do you manage stress? Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a clinical psychologist who specializes in goal attainment, stress and anxiety management.