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Why We Can’t Stay Silent About Money in Relationships

​For the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about "The Talk." No, not that talk. The Talk about money. With your date, your partner, your fiancé, your this-looks-like-it’s-starting-to-go-...

Influence: The Workplace Success Secret Weapon For Women

Featured on Medium

You have influence, but are you using it to positively impact the trajectory of your career?

Do You Know Who YOU Are?

Featured on Medium

YOU, standing for Your Own Understanding, motivates women to realize their internal strengths and passions to serve as the foundation for personal branding and interpersonal communication.

Are You Prepared for a Job Change? Five Strategies That Can Help

Featured on Medium

While unemployment rates are deceptively low, job layoffs, company reorganizations, and downsizing are ubiquitous.

Visibility, More Than Just Representation

Verizon has started an initiative with Ellevate Network to bring together Women In Tech & Telecom to create a community of women who can support and promote each other.

The Secret to Maximizing Your Work Relationships

Featured on Forbes

Work relationships are critical to your overall levels of confidence, visibility, and influence. Use neutral moments to deepen levels of trust, understanding, and respect.

How to Receive Feedback: A.I.M. for Success

Featured on Forbes

We've all heard that the ability to receive and integrate feedback is key for long-term success. Learn how to turn feedback into progress in three easy steps.

How to Unpack Your "Why"

Featured on Forbes

Discovering your "why" can radically change the course of your career (and life) for the better. We feel fully alive when what we do expresses what matters most. And become unstoppable in its pursuit.

Why I'm Sponsoring 100 Women of Color in Healthcare by 2030

Featured on Forbes

Advancing women of color isn't a pipeline issue, it's a sponsorship issue. People of color tend to be over-mentored and under-sponsored.

Changing Careers is Different From Just Changing Jobs: Ten Marketing Tips for Career Changers

Featured on Medium

For career changers, traditional job search avenues — resumes and recruiters — hurt rather than help.

Are You the Invisible Woman at Work?

Featured on Medium

Seven strategies that will increase your visibility so that others will know who you are, know your value, and know your name.

The Informational Interview - Key Takeaways

Featured on Medium

Illustrating the impact leaders in all fields can have if they take merely fifteen minutes to answer that LinkedIn message or eager cold call.

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