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Six Methods to Grow Your Online Presence and Reclaim Your Time

Featured on Forbes

Becoming more visible online and confident in yourself can be a bit difficult. Here are six proven steps to get your business to stand out and shine online.

Women's History Month is Long Over. How Do We Keep Empowering Women the Other 334 Days of the Year?

Featured on Forbes

Equality comes comes from recognizing amazing women throughout the year, even in small ways.

Give Yourself Some Space

Reframing your relationship with stress.

Yes, You Have A Brand - Even If You Don’t Know It, Like It, Or Wish It Were Otherwise

Even if you don’t know you have a brand or what your brand is, you still project one. My client didn’t like his brand, so we changed it.

21 Tips for Post-COVID-19 Fundraising

Regroup and carefully consider your organization's efforts in the new normal.

How to Write an Outstanding Book for Your Brand, Without Fear of Rejection

Featured on Forbes

Write your brand positioning book in six simple steps, without the fear and anxiety that comes with rejection.

It’s Spring. Be Intentional!

Three solutions to your productivity problems.

Prevent Drama with Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation

You know when you don’t feel so hot physically or emotionally, you are more sensitive to most things? You can prevent pain and drama with self-regulation and co-regulation.

Top Five Legal Basics for Business Owners

Featured on Forbes

To help your business to continue to grow, it's helpful to be aware of basic legal issues.

Dreaming Big and Investing Wisely Can Change Your Life and Career

Featured on Forbes

All your experiences, even the challenging ones, create your portfolio for wealth and success.

Parenting During a Pandemic: Lessons I Learned

Featured on Medium

Just as the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child,” I have come to believe that it similarly takes a village of mentors to nurture a professional.

Diversity is an Outcome

Featured on Forbes

Diversity is a fact in our society. It is time for diversity to become a fact in our organizations, as well.