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Let More Strange and Wonderful Thoughts into Your Head

Everything is created twice: first in your mind, and then in reality.

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Exit Stage Right

Featured on Medium

Your exit planning isn’t an event; it’s your lifelong commitment to solid business strategy and sustainability.

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You Are the Average of the Five People You Spend Time With

When you have to start to compromise your values and yourself for the people around you, it’s probably time to move on.

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Social Capital is "The New Black”

Featured on Medium

As you consider your social capital strategy this year, I suggest soliciting individuals based on the following criteria: members, mindset, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Thoughtful Leadership and I

Featured on Medium

The path towards accepting yourself as leader-worthy can be frustrating, but there is nothing more precious than realizing that your gifts - even the quiet ones - are more than good enough.

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Coaching is the Universal Language of Change

Would you get on a plane if the pilot wasn't fully qualified?

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How to Avoid the Bias You Didn't Even Know You Had

Featured on Forbes

Before you sit down to write this year’s self-assessment, peer review, or employee evaluation, it’s worth taking some time to consider the unintentional bias that may be at play.

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What Has to Change for Women at Work

Featured on Forbes

Career planning is not something done at one particular point in your career; it’s an ongoing process.

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​How to Stay on Track to Design the Business You Love

Featured on Forbes

Being bold, strategic, and optimistic about your business is done with intension and grit. Here are three concepts that can support you in creating a transformative business year.

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How I (Finally) Escaped the Confidence Trap

My freedom came from an unexpected source: me.

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Six Key Steps to Research Company Culture

Featured on Medium

​There are lots of questions to ask before accepting a job, and some of these should include the company culture. If the company culture is not what you are expecting, you will not thrive.

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The Secret to Success is Knowing What Motivates Your Team

When you’re pulling together teams, it’s important to understand working styles and motivators – otherwise, the personalities at play can derail a project.

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