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Why Ellevate?

Ellevate Network is a global network of professional women committed to elevating each other through education, inspiration, and opportunity.

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One Thing You Can Do to Be a Great Supporter of Women at Work

The best advice I ever got from a photography teacher was, "When you think you see everything, take a big step closer." This is a great metaphor for understanding what women need at work.

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The Secret to Networking (That Gets Results!)

Featured on Medium

People often think of networking as a necessary evil. By switching your approach, you can radically alter the experience into something that is empowering and meaningful.


What Wall Street Didn’t Learn From the Recession

We’re approaching the 10-year anniversary of the most convulsive part of the financial crisis: the implosion of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent Great Recession.

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When a Colleague Pushes Your Buttons At Work, Should You React?

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When someone pushes your buttons at work, should we react emotionally or remain stoic? Do we stand up for ourselves or ignore the haters?

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Empowering Men as Allies Part 2: Crafting Diversity Stories

Featured on Medium

Jennifer Brown clarifies how men can use a time where they experienced exclusion to connect with the experience of an individual from an underrepresented community.

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Empowering Men as Allies Part 1: Intersectional Allyship

Featured on Medium

Jennifer Brown shares how she defines what it means to be an ally and helps us understand the struggle that carrying multiple-stigmatized identities can entail.

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Thoughts On the Future of Life Sciences, Culled From a Decade In the Industry

Future State CEO Shannon Adkins shares her thoughts on the most important shifts in thinking and procedures that will drive success and improve quality of life moving into the next ten years.

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Five Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation by Tapping “Digital Achievers”

Featured on Forbes

Digital transformation continues to challenge executives, and most struggle with where to start. "Digital achievers" help organizations build momentum and move toward digital transformation.

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Women and Business: August 24th, 2018

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Getting Past Stereotypes to Find a Lawyer You Love

Featured on Forbes

Small business owners have a tendency to begrudge the need for a lawyer. It's essential to get past stereotypes to learn the value of making a trusted lawyer a key business partner.

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Pay It Forward

Success is a team sport. Let’s invest in the success of women who will change the world.