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Advice for Squad Mods: Stephanie Lewis

What does it take to be a great Squad Mod? Stephanie shares some tips and tricks she learned from the Fall 2018 Squads program.

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How We Can Overcome The Leadership Double Bind

Featured on Forbes

We all know we as women face a double bind when it comes to leadership. What can we DO about it?

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How Your Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Main Career

Featured on Forbes

A side hustle doesn’t have to be just for personal fulfillment. In fact, it can help you to develop the skills you need to advance in the workplace, which is great for your employer in the long-run.

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4 Questions That Can Help You Build Your Leadership Presence

Featured on Forbes

Leadership presence is a fuzzy concept with no clearly defined pathways to build it. Here are four questions you can ask yourself that will help you connect to the leader in you.

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Why Equity Matters

Featured on Medium

Equity is fair treatment; equality is equal treatment. If you start at a disadvantage and are then treated equally to a person with advantage, you perpetuate the gap.

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The Leadership Lesson I Learned in the Fight for My Son's Life

Featured on Medium

Coaching women to gain influence in male-dominated industries is a known challenge for me & the brilliant women I see, unknowingly shut down their most powerful creative powers: intuition & instinct.

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5 Things to Remember in a Nervous Stock Market

The stock market is fretful. I’ve always thought of the price, and the daily price movements, of individual stocks as telling a bit of a story.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Fabulous Gifts By Women, For Women

If you're looking for something fun, practical, or even a little rebellious for the fabulous working women in your life this holiday season, Ellevate Network's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide has you covered!

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Leading Starts at Home: Life Lessons From a Domestic and Corporate CEO

Featured on Forbes

Being a mom and a leader are two sides of the same coin. The sooner you lean into that reality, the stronger and happier you'll be.

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Habits, Routine, and Lasting Change

Featured on Medium

What bad habit do you need to change? Understand the stages of change and start making lasting change today.

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Is it Time to De-Program Your "Operating System?"

De-programming how you operate and thinking through practices that will best serve you and your career can be transformational.

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Everything You Are Going Through is Just Preparation

You are the creator of your own reality. No one else can create your life for you. It’s yours to do all on your own.