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Jennifer Robinson
Featured on Huffington Post

Tips about what NOT to do on LinkedIn

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Jennifer Gluckow
Featured on Huffington Post

You can make a new connection anywhere, not just at formal networking events, elevators, hotel lobbies, or even public transportation. You can make a new connection with the people standing or sitting

Professional women Inside Ellevate Blog Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

Whether you’re looking for funding for your new venture, trying to make a big career move, or even looking for a company with a generous family leave package, with this list you’ll always know

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Ellevate Network

​At Ellevate Network we believe that having women present in the media, both as providers and consumers, is so important. Seeing as how only 10% of op-ed submissions are by women

The three types of women friends you need to further your career
Solange Lopes, CPA
Featured on Huffington Post

In this article, The Corporate Sister discusses how our relationships affect our career, and which three friends we need in to further our careers.

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Samia Hasan
Featured on Huffington Post

Networking is the #1 unwritten rule for success. It is about getting ‘plugged in’ to your community, making connections and building mutually beneficial relationships.

Leadership coaching
Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Featured on Huffington Post

If you’re in transition or at a company with few or no training resources, you will have to create your own leadership program. Here are ten low-cost options for customized leadership development:

Americas new president Event Recaps
Tina Pettigrew
Featured on Huffington Post

Ellevate Network is in an extraordinary position in that we are a nonpartisan group of women who believes in the power of women. We believe the world can be a better place, and we’re ready.

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Caroline Dowd-Higgins
Featured on Huffington Post

I speak to so many people who honestly believe they are networking well by sending an email or leaving a single voicemail. When they don’t get a response, they abandon the contact. The follow-up is th

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Tara Lynn Foster
Featured on Huffington Post

How do we gather up the want-to for networking and leave behind the have-to? How do we get in the room and back out feeling like our time was well spent?

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Ellevate Network

Strong women give us their best advice on the importance of relationships.

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Ellevate Network
Featured on Huffington Post

Online networking has opened the door to new connections, more impact, and increased learnings.