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#MobilizeWomen Recap: 3 Steps to Finding a Sponsor

Emily Wakeling, Executive Director of Global Membership and Emerging Markets for Catalysts, shares with us the 3 steps to finding a sponsor.

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#MobilizeWomen Recap: The Importance of Storytelling and Living Your Truth

At the Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit on June 21, 2017, Zainab Salbi and Claudia Chan talked about the importance of speaking our truth and living with authenticity to make an impact.

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#MobilizeWomen Recap: Fierce, Flawless and Female: Tips From A World Class Fighter

Fierce. Flawless. Feminine. Women are many things, and it is this diversity that makes us stronger and our community unstoppable.

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#MobilizeWomen Recap: 5 Ways To Be More Innovative

Innovation is key to creating the world we want to live in. Luckily, inspiration and insight on how to create the world you want to live in runs deep in the Ellevate community.

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Confiando en Uno y en 2

Disfrutamos en Madrid del estreno de un insuperable dúo de conferenciantes, José María Gasalla y Fernando Romay.

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S#!t People Don't Say About Crying at Work

Missed our April 2017 Young Professionals event? Disclaimer: reading this may make you a little jealous... but that's ok, you can still sign up for next month's Girl Boss Boot Camp!

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How To Take Back Feminism: Event Recap

​Feminism. It’s the new F-Word. So we decided to talk about it. Clear the air, see how it applies to our lives, and have a discussion about what it really means and what we’re doing about inequality.

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Feminism, Media, and Your Career: A Twitter Chat with Jules Abraham of BUST Magazine

For Women's History Month we #TakeBackFeminism with some of the most amazing people working for Equality. We chatted with Jules Abraham of BUST Magazine about her career, feminism, and more.

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Own It: How Women Harness Their Power at Work

Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevate and Ellevest, Miki Agrawal of THINX, Deepa Purushothoman of WIN at Deloitte, Natalia Oberti Noguera of Pipeline Angels, Laura Gentile of espnW, and Kristy Wallace.

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How Women Can Mobilize Post Election

Ellevate Network is in an extraordinary position in that we are a nonpartisan group of women who believes in the power of women. We believe the world can be a better place, and we’re ready.

Featured on Huffington Post

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Three Women in Power Share Secrets of Success

​“Have a point of view and the confidence to express it.” “Work for an employer you believe in.”“You’re not negotiating for yourself, you are negotiating for every woman that comes after you.”

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Defining True Equality: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter and Sallie Krawcheck

How do you define #TrueEquality? At a special luncheon in Shearman & Sterling’s New York City offices this summer, Sallie Krawcheck and Anne-Marie Slaughter tackled that question, speaking on the topi

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