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Coffee Chat Goes Virtual and Is Still as Potent

As this time continues, everyone in the group reminded each other to lead with kindness, and recognize the balancing acts all employees and leaders are doing right now.

Utilizing Employee Resource Groups For Remote Employee Engagement

Employee resource groups are a critical piece of your remote engagement plan. And for those who act early, ERGs may even be a golden ticket to “business as usual”.

Tips on Maintaining Sanity for the Home-Schooling Working Parent During COVID-19

Whether you typically work from home or not, the current challenge of helping our kids with e-learning, focusing our job or business, and running our household can be a reason for sporadic insanity.

Transition Through Tumult: How to Set Yourself Up for a Career Transition Amidst a Global Pandemic

Featured on Medium

Now is a difficult time to make a big career pivot, given ongoing uncertainty. But don't lose hope - there are tangible steps you can take today to set a strong foundation for your post-pandemic move.

Concern Over BAME Medical Staff Dying on the Frontline - Could Internal Challenges Be a Contributing Factor?

Featured on Medium

Internal challenges faced by ethnic minorities that are working against them during COVID-19.

Cultivate a Startup Mindset in Your Legacy Organization

Featured on Forbes

Older, established organizations, often considered set in their ways, are cultivating startup cultures to thrive in the future.

Why Leadership Training is Critical to Helping Women Achieve Their Potential

Featured on Forbes

Inclusive cultures consistently beat homogenous ones when it comes to revenue, profitability, and decision-making.

StratComms Rx

Featured on Medium

A communications health check to help companies keep calm, carry on, and support each other in a time of uncertainty.

Lead with Empathy, Lead with Inclusion

Featured on Medium

Whether you are a leader in name or not, your leadership skills are desperately needed to create a sense of calm, connectedness, and compassion — in a word, inclusion — with those around you.

How Board Games Helped Me Develop Flexibility in the Workplace

Featured on Medium

Immersing myself in the uncertainty of board game strategy has given me the confidence to adapt and succeed in today’s constantly changing workplace.

When "How"​ Turns Into Playing It Safe

Many of naturally ask "how," and don't consider that maybe that's the exact question holding us back.

Virtual Meetings: Fight Loneliness, Foster Belonging, Cultivate Inclusion

Featured on Forbes

In a difficult time of imposed isolation, any human connections are powerful and meaningful. Enter the virtual meeting; making space for powerful human connections and creating a sense of belonging.

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