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I Was One of the First Female Fighter Helicopter Pilots in the US Army. Here's the Technique I Used to Stay Motivated While Waiting for an Assignment.

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To dig deeper, deep enough to discover your core purpose, to connect your intellectual sense of purpose with your core purpose, ask yourself why you do what you do not once but five times. Yes, five.

Working Women and the Curse of the Ancient Trade-Off

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Women often face a trade-off between career and family not faced by men. The trade-off is one that aided survival many years ago, but is not as relevant today.

Tired of Feeling Tired at Work? Three Practical Tips to Power Up.

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You’re trying to push through on a big work project due at the end of the day, but you’re feeling that afternoon slump. What do you do?

Keeping Women in the Workforce When Work/Life Integration Seems Impossible

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Statistics are staggering about women leaving the workforce. Every year, 25% of women exit a career because they can’t make work and life fit together. This has been exacerbated during the pandemic.

Make Noise + Make Change: Three Actionable Ways to Fast-Track Gender Equality in the Workplace Now

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Three powerful ways women can #ChooseToChallenge gender inequality in the corporate setting by using their voices to dismantle stereotypes and confront bias head-on.

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Some Thoughts on International Women's Day

2020 and 2021 have been interesting years to say the least. How are we celebrating International Women's Day when the world has changed so much?

Six Ways You Can Choose to Challenge Yourself on this International Women's Day

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Driving societal change and challenging the status quo is never easy — cultural shifts do not happen overnight, but the best part about any change is that it can begin with one person at a time.

Don't Like Your Seat? Pick a New One.

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Do you ever have those moments in your job search, career, or life when you feel stuck or lost? Having the confidence to sit down is only the first step. Here’s how to pick a new seat.

What Is Your Spending Style and Do You Walk the Line?

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It is crucial to your finances that you strike a balance between impulsive and cautious spending, but how can you achieve this?

International Women’s Day: Women’s Historic Firsts

These women challenged the status quo and became the firsts in their industries. How will you #ChooseToChallenge yourself and others around you to make a difference?⁠

Choose Yourself: The Importance of Stress Management

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As the weight of the world gets heavier, the responsibility falls on us to take positive action to end burnout and overwhelm in our personal lives. Prioritize you as the tool to break through stress.

Why Sharing Your Story is Your Most Powerful PR Strategy

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Sharing your personal story is an often overlooked way of generating PR for an emerging business, but can be a powerful and inexpensive way to attract your ideal customer.