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Shannon Adkins
Featured on Medium

Retired U.S. Navy Commander Zoe Dunning helped lead the successful campaign to bring LGB civil rights to one of the world’s most complex workforces: The United States military.

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Heather Sheldon

Here are three reasons why I am opening myself up, sharing my truth, and getting real about mental health.

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Jodie Kashuba

My teen fantasy fleshed out differently than I imagined, but turns out I did become a writer. A writer of marketing copy, paid to play with words and using my degree (foreshadowing).

Sallie Krawcheck

When you make the decision to invest, you also make the decision whether to invest the way it’s always been done or to invest in a modern way.

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Alisa L. Liddle
Featured on Forbes

​In business, building a network within your professional “community” is a given. This means creating trusting, reliable connections so you can support, guide, mentor, and teach each other. Having spe

Solve conflict at work
Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Communication breakdowns lead to dysfunctional work environments that breed toxicity and extinguish morale. Righting the communication ship is not impossible with these strategies.

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Anita Knotts
Featured on Forbes

Advisory firms need to put extra effort into finding and mentoring talented women—because if they don’t, they risk failing to meet the needs and expectations of a quickly expanding female client base.

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Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Adriana Puente
Featured on Medium

There are a lot of conflicting arguments on whether a prenuptial agreement strengthens or weakens the marriage. There are steps that you can take to further protect your business and family assets.

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Ellevate Network

At Ellevate, we take data privacy very seriously and always keep your security top of mind.

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Hannah Sullivan
Featured on Forbes

​Women! Only two letters away from being just like men. Except it’s not that simple. We don’t want to be just like men! Sure, we’re “women in business”, but aren’t we all just business people?

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Ellevate Network

Dani Rylan, founder of the National Women's Hockey League, is no stranger to disrupting the status quo.