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Ellevate Network

Jess Torres has had a very interesting career journey. She is the Editor in Chief of Siempre Mujer, but to get here she had to do a lot of exploring and soul searching.

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Amanda Veinott is passionate about creating career opportunities for veterans when they return to civilian life. In this episode she shares why hiring veterans is good for business.

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Jess Williams is the Founder of Communal Creative, but many will know her from her work at Birchbox and Thrillist where she lead the creative design and brand.

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Jennefer Witter has a long and proven track record in PR. She’s an author and the founder and CEO of The Boreland Group, a public relations firm dedicated to working with small businesses.

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This week -- women and business in the news.

Ellevate network coworking space can work for you
Tamara Schwarting
Featured on Forbes

Coworking is booming as a new generation of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate organizations re-think the overhead costs of business, the value of collaborative work, and work/life balance.

Elizabeth Petersen

On the power of own words and becoming personal cheerleaders

Ellevate network integrity in the digital age
Vera Lentini

Integrity and authenticity go hand in hand. We need to create a safe, trusting environment for people to feel comfortable taking the "risk" of saying how they really feel.

Ellevate network feminists and the american financial system
Karen Jenson

Well into the 1970s, women were not allowed to open their own credit lines without their husbands. To discover a similar state of affairs 50 years later infuriated and frustrated me.

Ellevate network meditation for workplace wellness
Renee Manning

By introducing some simple stretches and meditation into your day, you can begin 2018 with an infusion of energy and strength.

Fundamental rights
Sallie Krawcheck

I don’t know about your social feed last week, but mine was dominated by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

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Adrienne Monson

Sometimes you need a new side hustle for more cash - or need to stay home with your kids. Either way, a part time internet job may be a smart choice.