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Fairygodboss .com

Email: we can’t live and work without it. It’s one of the most important tools we have in our professional arsenal but we also experience email overload.

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Emilie Aries

In today’s hyper-networked world, it’s become increasingly clear that having a supportive squad of boss friends in high places can help you achieve all kinds of career goals.

Women networking
Jennifer Robinson
Featured on Huffington Post

What are the 3 most important questions to ask when you are networking?

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Ellevate Network

The value of a professional network is undeniable. And lack of access to informal networks is one of the primary barriers to the advancement of women in business. So how do we help women connect?

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Ellevate Network

“You can’t do it without help. You have to work hard, you have to be lucky, and you have to get help.”

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Ellevate Network

​“Have a point of view and the confidence to express it.” “Work for an employer you believe in.”“You’re not negotiating for yourself, you are negotiating for every woman that comes after you.”

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Sallie Krawcheck

Over my years in business, I’ve worked with a lot of women, I’ve managed a lot of women, I’ve promoted a lot of women, I am a woman. And the biggest mistake that I’ve seen women – and particularly

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Deena Baikowitz

At a recent Ellevate Network event in New York City, I met many wonderful women, with different skills, personalities and experiences. We connected in interesting ways. They inspired this article.

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Alyssa Gelbard
Featured on Huffington Post

Serving on a board provides professional growth opportunities and will strengthen your personal brand - ultimately fueling career advancement.

Tina Pettigrew
Featured on Huffington Post

The truth is, the skills you need to land a job are, in fact, totally different from the skills you need to have a successful career. Having a successful career takes tenacity, resilience, an investme

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Ellevate Network

At Ellevate Network, “invest in women” has always been one of our principles and, more importantly, something we’ve lived by. And we see women “investing” in women at the Network all the time by...

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Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Featured on Huffington Post

Unless you automate your networking, it will be difficult to do enough of it. Here are five technology tools that are free to use, that do not require programming or special skills: