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Caroline Ceniza-Levine

I hear a lot of anxiety from job seekers about how to get noticed in THIS market -- job search strategies that worked in the past may not work anymore; high unemployment means recruiters are inunda...

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Sarah Clark
Featured on Huffington Post

Several years ago, a friend texted me "LOL." I responded, "Lots of love to you as well!" When I later discovered that he was laughing at me, I was slightly embarrassed, but I was more perplexed.

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Wendi Weiner
Featured on Huffington Post

Social media imparts on career professionals the importance of creating an outer professional image that aligns with an inner professional image.

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Annabel Mendez

It is wonderful to read and hear so much enthusiasm behind increasing the number of women in STEM careers. What worries me are the comments made by well-meaning people giving advice who are not, thems

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Annette Richmond
Featured on Huffington Post

Three common mistakes people make when putting together their LinkedIn profiles and brief descriptions of how to fix these missteps. These suggestions are valuable for job seekers and consultants.

Stephanie Scotti
Featured on Huffington Post

How to survive your speech getting blown up.

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Jennifer Faherty
Featured on Huffington Post

It's easy to judge people who get lost in their cars, thinking you would never go so far before turning around. But how many of us fail to trust our own instincts when it come to our careers?

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Emilie Aries

​Whether you’re looking for your next job, a mentor, new clients, or collaborators, there are many ways you can make one-on-one coffee meetings count. And then, of course, there are LOTS of ways to...

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Valerie Palmieri
Featured on Huffington Post

Recently, at an investor conference, I noticed a man following me, and I asked him why. “You’re only one of two women here,” he said. “I want to know the ‘unicorns’ in the room.”

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Stephanie Scotti
Featured on Huffington Post

There’s something extraordinary about TED. This nonprofit foundation has touched millions around the world with inspirational talks, spreading ideas that invite listeners to see the world in new ways.

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Debbie Fay
Featured on Huffington Post

Let's face it; sometimes we've been in our business too long. We're so immersed, so totally completely "in it" that we can't remember what it was like pre-obsession/thought leader/expert.

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Catherine Plano

Your purpose is the reason you explore through life and your passion is the fire that lights the way. If you can’t work out your purpose right now, it’s okay; follow your heart – your passion.