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Tap into the wisdom of our community on all topics, personal and professional. We're here to help each other achieve our goals faster and smarter.

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Polls & Surveys

Which issue will be the deciding factor in the upcoming elections?

The Ellevate Community's Take on the Presidential Elections 2016: 47% of members agreed that the economy and/or fiscal policy will be the is the deciding factor in the upcoming elections.

Polls & Surveys

40% of Ellevate Members believe the Stanford rape case won't have a long term impact.

While small groups of members believe the case and subsequent public reaction will lead to a push for stronger sentencing, less victim blaming, or more community intervention...

Polls & Surveys

This is the reason professional women network

97% of Ellevate Members attend networking events. Why? They're looking to meet like-minded people and learn something new.

Polls & Surveys

Creativity is Essential to Ellevate Members' Career Success

​A majority of our Ellevate members agree that creativity is a huge factor in their careers. 83% of those surveyed say it helps them ​"think different...

Polls & Surveys

Do you apologize at work? Most Ellevate members agree saying "sorry" can undermine your message.

Women are often advised to stop apologizing at work under the guise that it undermines credibility....

Polls & Surveys

98% of Ellevate members have worked in toxic work environments.

Of 231 women surveyed, only four responded that they've avoided toxic jobs, either by luck or choice....

Polls & Surveys

Ellevate Impact Survey: Results from Women Employees

Results from Ellevate's 2016 Impact Survey find that 66% of Ellevate members got a raise in 2015, up 3pp from last year.​...

Polls & Surveys

Ellevate Impact Survey: Business Owners

Ellevate entrepreneurs are building businesses and closing the funding gap.

Polls & Surveys

Ellevate Impact Survey: Thought Leadership

43% of Ellevate members were published or quoted as thought leaders in 2015 (versus 32% in 2014).

Polls & Surveys

Ellevate Impact Survey: Board Leadership

​​30.36% of Ellevate members sit on a corporate or nonprofit board of directors.

Polls & Surveys

Ellevate Impact Survey: Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to how their companies manage diversity, women in the Ellevate community are, for the most part (47%), “somewhat satisfied.”...

Polls & Surveys

What's the most important element in developing your personal brand?

40% of Ellevate members believe framing yourself as a thought leader is the most important thing to develop your personal brand.