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Give Grace During the Time of COVID-19

Featured on Medium

​As we move into the six-month mark recognizing how COVID-19 has changed our lives, the stress is palpable. Giving space and grace to yourself and others can help with coping.

Mobilize Women Annual Summit , Event Recaps

Embracing Human-Centric Policies and a Culture of Belonging

Companies who embrace a culture of belonging and put people at the forefront will ultimately succeed and be able to attract and retain the best talent.

Be the Change: A Multi-Part Framework

Featured on Forbes

Businesses need to do more than just raise awareness. Here's a framework for moving from cultivating some fertile soil to growing an antiracist future.

Six Steps to Deploy Your DE&I Initiative With Funds You Already Have

Featured on Forbes

If you build DE&I into the day-to-day fabric of your business, not only will you get faster results and bring your employees along on the journey, you will make change more impactful and sustainable.

Unlock Your Dream Job With Three Important Interview Questions

Featured on Forbes

Most have yet to find that perfect dream job, but you can get close by asking the right questions.

Human-Centric Organizations: A Positive Result of the Pandemic?

Featured on Medium

Can the work-from-home workspace lead to more human-centric practices?

Here's How to Nail Your Next Remote Presentation

Featured on Forbes

With COVID-19 came the necessity to be able to work remotely, which also means presenting remotely. To do it right, you need to take seriously things you may have ignored up until now.

Five Steps Women Can Take to Self-Advocate

Featured on Forbes

As I work with women in a diverse range of industry sectors, a common theme emerges. We can label it as lack of confidence, a reticence to be bold, or a fear of taking risks.

Your Performance Review Is Rigged, and This Is How

Featured on Forbes

Your performance evaluations may be based on how you compare to others and a product of unintended consequences of workplace criteria.

Three Ways to Gain a Clearer Picture of the “Future You” (Yes, Even Now!)

We’re often asked for guidance on how to stay on-track professionally and be ready for new opportunities. Here are three ways to hold the mirror up to yourself and explore the “future you.”

Want to Find Great Candidates? Three Ways to Simplify the Application Process

Featured on Forbes

While companies have spent the last few months working on strategies for bringing employees back to the office safely, they might also consider reviewing and updating HR policies and procedures.

Volunteering Can Improve Your Productivity at Work During COVID-19

Featured on Forbes

From managing a global pandemic and equally uncertain political and economic environments to adjusting to working from home, we are perpetually learning to find a new balance.