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Lead with Empathy, Lead with Inclusion

Featured on Medium

Whether you are a leader in name or not, your leadership skills are desperately needed to create a sense of calm, connectedness, and compassion — in a word, inclusion — with those around you.

How Board Games Helped Me Develop Flexibility in the Workplace

Featured on Medium

Immersing myself in the uncertainty of board game strategy has given me the confidence to adapt and succeed in today’s constantly changing workplace.

When "How"​ Turns Into Playing It Safe

Many of naturally ask "how," and don't consider that maybe that's the exact question holding us back.

Virtual Meetings: Fight Loneliness, Foster Belonging, Cultivate Inclusion

Featured on Forbes

In a difficult time of imposed isolation, any human connections are powerful and meaningful. Enter the virtual meeting; making space for powerful human connections and creating a sense of belonging.

Mental Toughness: Tips to Control the Crazy and Enhance Performance

Featured on Medium

As we seek to manage change and our careers, it's important that we as women leverage mental toughness in a way that works for us instead of against us.

Ten Networking Tips For Career Changers

Featured on Medium

Career changers will get more traction from networking, so if you want to change careers, you have to put yourself out there.

Take This One Easy Step to Conquer Self-Doubt

Featured on Forbes

When we don’t immediately see the connection between our skills and the role we’re expected to perform, our natural response is self-doubt. Take this easy step to build your confidence.

How to Hold a Passionate, Contrarian Viewpoint at Work – Without Losing Your Job

Featured on Medium

If you’re an outlier at work, here are a few ideas on how to negotiate this tension in a way that doesn’t cost you your job and still helps you sleep at night.

Making This Mistake as a Leader Can Be Detrimental to Your Team

Featured on Medium

Right now is a critical time for leaders to be crystal clear with their communication. This sneaky phrase is negatively impacting teams, creating misunderstandings, and lowering productivity.

Managing Change Personally and Professionally

Featured on Medium

Ten simple strategies to help you manage change amidst chaos in our current fast-paced environment.

You Might Feel Like You’re Failing – But Your Squad Will Prove You Wrong.

The training wheels are off. What we do still have, however, are our communities to lean on and grow with, which is why this just might be the best time for you to establish your Squad.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome With This Winning Poker Strategy

Featured on Forbes

If you're like most high-achievers, chances are you've felt like a fraud too. And maybe it seems like your accomplishments were born out of sheer luck, or being at the right place at the right time.

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